Monday, August 8, 2011

Greta's Birthday Gift Guide Part 3: Jewelry

Well, my birthday week is over, but I didn't get to finish my gift guides.
The word to best describe my life right now is: interrupted.
The days and nights got full--no time to blog.
As predicted, someone was sick on my birthday--2 someones.
But they were nice enough to save it for the tail end of my birthday, which allowed me to enjoy a surprise all day date with my husband.  
So even though the week is done, I still wanted to share this post with you because this is some of my favorite jewelry ever.

My husband is impressively good at buying me gifts I love.
I, on the other hand, am terrible at buying gifts for him.
He is very hard to shop for.
Maybe he should start a blog with the things he loves so I'll have lots of ideas to chose from.
It would help.

Anyway, a few years ago he bought me a bracelet by the jewelry designer, Ronni Kappos.
She makes her jewelry from vintage, glass beads.
It is modern, colorful, and really different from any other jewelry I have seen.
This Christmas, he bought me a necklace.
But having 2 of her pieces doesn't stop me from loving, OK and wanting, lots more of her pieces.
That's the sign of good design, right?
Here are a few favorites.

Isn't this necklace amazing?
The way she uses so many colors in one piece is perfect.
And the graphic simplicity of this design works so well.
I love it.

Of all her bracelet designs, this one is my favorite.
I love the flat beads and the rainbow effect of the colors.
It is unique, simple and really beautiful.

I don't have any of her earrings yet, but I think these ones are pretty perfect.
Red dots.  Love.

If you love this jewelry as much as I do, you'll want to take a look at these sites.
Ronni Kappo's site is here.
To look at or purchase her jewelry, you can go here, here or here.  (the last one is a great site for other stuff too--one of my favorite stores--online or their brick and mortar store in Los Angeles)

I'd love to know, who is you're favorite jewelry designer?  Do share the love.

And, although it's not a blog of his favorite things, my husband has a blog that's much better.
He's finally allowed me to share it with you, so please go visit Aaron's blog.
It's got all sorts of his art on it--leave a comment and tell him what you like.

Love from,


hannah singer said...

you know, i'd have to think about who my fave jewelry designer is.
i really like armelle...THIS may be my new favorite! WOW! the color and simplistic design really appeals to me:)
thanks for sharing.

also, checked out aaron's blog.
holy smokes, what talent!

hannah singer said...

{oh and i guess i should have linked armelle

and i also really love tamar}


hennymats said...

hmmm, I like German company snug (, especially the wooden flower brooch - which I've given as a gift twice but still haven't gotten for myself. Oh well.

Also like Aaron's blog, my favorite for some reason was the crisp white shirt - maybe because I'm redoing the laundry room? ;)