Friday, September 30, 2011

I Have a Crush on Her

It all started with cuckoo clocks.
I like to do my own content.
Even if I am using a recipe from someone else, I still like to try it myself, write about it and take my own photos.
Not because I'm better, often I am not, but because it is fun for me.
It's what I like to do.
It's why I have a blog, for pete's sake!

But ocasionally something, or someone comes along that I just have to talk about.
And that something was this.
Be still my heart.

I was doing a random search for cuckoo clocks one afternoon this week while I was nursing Davy.
I love cuckoo clocks.
A lot.
In the way of the internet, one thing led to another and I found this wall of cuckoo clocks.
They've been painted, and if you could see inside, some of them don't have birds, but bunnies or squirrels.
The colors are gorgeous.
I gasped when I saw them.
I'm that way about cuckoo clocks, color and fabulous wall installations like this.

Upon further investigation, I found out the wall art was for a nursery made by this lady.
Upon further investigation, I found out she also painted a paint by number mural the same nursery.
My heart flip flopped.

Upon further investigation, I found out she has written this book, and this one.
(go look.  the spreads will make you swoon.  i can't wait to look at them in real life)
I was falling hard.

Then, I saw this.
This is a camp in Wisconsin that she and her husband spend summers at and rent out to like-minded, not afraid to rough it, appreciators of all thing vintage and beautifully designed, boy scouty kind of camp.
I want to go there.
I really, really, really want to go there.
You must go look at pictures of the camp.
Take the tour.
I like the tents, the log cabin and the lake cottage best.
How about you?

Lastly, I loved this.
It's her manifesto of sorts.
"Creativity is your currency."
It reminded me a bit of my post here.
If you are a lover of the thrift store score, the flea market find, the side of the road pick up (and I'm talking furniture, not people) then you will surely do a fist pump after you read it.
Finding old things and making them cool.
Making them your own.
Making them a part of your story.
I am so creatively inspired.

Teresa Surratt, you are rockin my world.
(and no.  i am not a crazy stalker.  although i will no be reading your blog. religiously.)
Love from,


Laura said...! I took a quick look & I can't wait until I have some free time to myself to see more! She is so talented (not unlike yourself)! Thanks for sharing!

Megan B. said...

Where did I see an article about her and that summer camp? Readymade?! I want to stay there, too -- blogger summer camp next year! Could you imagine the food?

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

I love it when this happens: you find someone that you just cant get enough of(in a healthy way of course:)).
I cant wait to check out the links.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Jenny Plumb said...

Oh Jeesh. Wow. That paint by number wall is very clever. You have just given me yet another blog to stalk. Thanks for that. :-)

mandi said...

Um yeah- I hear ya. I saw that image and I knew exactly where it came from. I have the hots for those clocks too. Real bad.
And her whole camp. Holy smokes! I saw a spread on it in a magazine a couple of years back. SO COOL!

hannah singer said...

um, i have been wishing for a cukoo clock {collection}. my grandma linnea had lots, maybe twenty! , in her house. many were from sweden, her home, handmade by family and friends. anyway, they are special to me. also they are awesome!!

i am coming back tomorrow to visit these links more thoroughly ... i must say goodnight for now.

thanks for sharing all of this delightful stuff! xo

love you.