Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Color Palette Inspiration: Pink and Orange at Blog Sugar

I talk a lot about color.
I love color.
It excites me, inspires me and makes me really happy.
Our home is full of color and I can't image it being any other way.
A few of the posts where I have written about color are here, here and here.

The danger, of course, with too much color is that your home, or outfit, can end up looking clownish.
Too much color runs the risk of looking crazy town.
But done right, color sings!

This weekend I attended Blog Sugar.
When I have a few minutes to think, I'll be writing more about the content of the conference over at Lilly and the Brothers.
It was fantastic.
But in the meantime, I wanted to share the color palette from Blog Sugar here on Picnics.
They did everything in PINK and ORANGE.
Pink and orange together and it looked beautiful.

I love that I was inspired by more than the speakers at this conference.
The decorations also stole my heart.
The 2 sisters who did the decorations (see their business here.  be sure to look through the portfolio.  so inspiring) were incredibly creative.
I walked away with lots and lots of ideas to use in my home or at any party that I might throw in the future.

And they made the most of that great color palette. 
They used the full spectrum of both colors, from pale pink to bright orange.
It really worked.

There were lots of garlands.  
You know how I feel about garlands.
I never would have thought of sewing crepe paper.  
They did and it looks great.

This "wall" was one of my most favorite elements of the decorations.
Crepe paper circles of varying sizes, in every shade of pink and orange, sewn together to create a big wall of bright and happy.
It was a dramatic backdrop for the dessert table without feeling stuffy.
It was just fun.

I also loved these crepe paper "globes" (or whatever you call them) strung around the patio.
They looked like big, gorgeous flowers.

Every where there were these big, bright balloons.
They added such a fun element to the decor.
Once again, different shades of pink and orange were used and the effect was perfect.

Those balloons made a real statement.
They were fun.
And they looked great against the blue sky.

They thought of everything and didn't miss an opportunity to make each element of the decor look better.
The menu for the bar was this big sign, decorated with a garland and a great font to show the drinks available.
Shirley Temple anyone?

And see those pink and white stripes behind the sign?
That was fabric hung around the bar to make it far more stylish than a plain old bar.  Genius.
They uses the same fabric for the background of the photo booth.

I loved it and was wondering where they got such cool fabric.
Found out they made it.
Of course.
It's a big painter's canvas painted in pink stripes.
Talk about inspiring!
I loved the way these ladies decorated.

They did such a fabulous job.
You could use any of these ideas for a birthday party, shower or wedding.
To see more styling tips from one of the ladies in this decorating pair, visit Laura's blog here.

There are so many more pictures I wish I had taken.
But for much of the night I had Baby Davy in my arms or strapped to me.
I just couldn't get all the pics I wanted to.
If you want to see lots more from the other attendees, you can go here.
You'll also get to learn more about the event and meet lots of the other bloggers that attended.

And to get a little more sugar from me, check back at Lilly and the Bros soon.
Maybe tonight will be the night that I get a few minutes to gather my thoughts and write it all out.
Happy Wednesday.
Now go get a donut!
You know you want one.

Love from,


mel @ the larson lingo said...

I also LOVED the color palette & the decorations! 2 of my favorite colors! I love throwing parties & got so many ideas/inspiration from the decor! I only got to chat with you for like 30 seconds at Blog Sugar, it was nice meeting you, your smile is contagious!

Laura said...

I've always loved the combination of pink & orange - so fun & cheery! Those decorations were so beautifully done - looks like they created such a happy atmosphere!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I loved the colors. A bit unexpected and yet so perfect.

Anonymous said...

The colors were so beautiful and happy! It was so nice meeting you!

Anonymous said...

You got me... I want a doughnut... RIGHT NOW!

meg duerksen said...

i agree! i keep thinking about that polka dot back drop at the cupcake table!

hannah singer said...

agreed. fabulous color palette. pink and orange is one of my favorite color combos!
you are lovely, greta, so thankful for you.