Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still Loving Summer Stone Fruit

Everyone keeps acting like summer is over.
It's not.
At least not here.
It was in the 90s today.
And that's just fine with me because there are some parts about summer that I am not ready to let go of.
Like the food.
One of my favorite blogs, Shelterrific, just asked what summer food you'll miss most?
Without hesitation, I would say, fresh summer produce.
I love the sweet, white corn, red, ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, juicy watermelon, musky cantaloupes and especially the stone fruit.

Peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines.

I can never decide which are my favorite.
I am sure it's the peach, until I bite into that plum.
And then the nectarine.
And, oh, oh, oh, those apricots.

I am so glad there are still plenty of them at the farmer's market.
Well, except for the apricot.
They have a short growing season, even here.
Believe me, I do not take our long growing season for granted.
I will be buying my favorites by the bagful until they are gone.
Only to be replaced by persimmon, apples and tangerines.
I do love tangerines.
But lets, be honest, a tangerine is nothing compared to a sweet, dripping, purple plum.

There is a bright spot as the summer fruits fades away with fall.
The figs are in.

And I do love figs.

I always think I'd like to do something with my stone fruit.
Bake, preserve, sauce.
But often they are so delicious that I don't end up doing a thing other than slicing them up and putting them in a bowl and eating them for breakfast.
Or afternoon snack.
Or dessert.
When I can eat dairy, I like to put a dollop of Greek yogurt on top.
Or sometimes, when the fruit is so ripe that I can smell it, I stand over the sink and just eat it out of hand, with the juice dripping down my chin.
That's fruit heaven.

But if I was willing to do more, here are some things I might try.
Last Minute Stone Fruit Crumble  (and peeps, with a few tweaks, I can actually eat this one!)
Stone Fruit Tart ( I can't wait to be able to eat this one.  and peruse this blog.  so beautiful)
Plum Fro Yo Popsicles  (you know how I feel about popsicles)
Peach Tea Cake  (just the name makes me want it)
How To Can Stone Fruits  (someday......)

Now if only this heat wave would break so I can get back into the kitchen.
Love from,


mandi said...

Mmm hmm...I hear ya sister! All of your pictures are so lovely! We do not have a long stone fruit season here. Actually, they are hard to find at farmer's markets. So sad, because they are the very best!

hannah singer said...

sadly, our summer is pretty much over.
and we hardly have a growing season!
i will miss the summer stone fruit, too.

not so secretly, i am wishing to live in your state! if for nothing else, the FARMERS MARKETS and the abundance of fresh food. north dakota is killin' me:) the upside is, our hot cocoa season is looooong!

xo happy day to you, lovely!

Rebecca said...

I checked the calendar & summer is not over yet!
Even if the high was only 75* today & things are starting to brown! Ha!

Nikole said...

I just found your blog(s) and wanted to let you know how much I love them! I truly appreciate your writing voice and photographs, and the stories your words and images tell. Thank you for sharing!