Monday, September 5, 2011


When in San Diego, you must visit El Indio.

And be sure to get the chips.

Recovering from a weekend of backyard camping, ferry boat riding, aircraft carrier viewing and El Indio food eating, middle of the night thunderstorm viewing, muggy hot hiking, favorite swim hole swimming and all around fun.
First day of school tomorrow--we'll be hiking and painting in our nature journals.
Back to regular posting soon.
Hope your 3 day weekend was spectacular.
Love from,
PS.  Don't those last things on the list sound like we live in the midwest somewhere?  It felt like it today, but we're still here in sunny, muggy so. cal.

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Sue said...

OMG Greta - this is one of our favorite places! Any time we're in San Diego, we stop. And we get the chips - lots and lots of chips! I always have mild levels of homesickness for all things San Diego County, but this kicked it up to almost "need to get home level :)