Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thrift Store Score: Vintage Folding Chairs

There are few things quite as satisfying as a good thrift store score.
I would like to go thrifting more often than I do, but as I mentioned yesterday, there are a lot of things on my plate right now.
Every couple of weeks, when the babysitting trade gives me a few hours to myself, I try to hit up a thrift store or two.
Yesterday was one of those days and I scored.
Only two things worth taking home in the whole store, but that is the way of thrift stores.
Check out my new chairs. (well, chair in this picture, but I bought 2)

They are vintage folding chairs.
They are sturdy and in great shape.
They're RED!  Hello!  I couldn't say no.
To top it all off, they were $3.93 a piece.
You can't even get poorly made folding chairs from IKEA at that price.

I love the details.  Like the design of that chair back.  
Those slim wires are so stylish.

 I love that red viynl with the gold flecks.

I even love the vintage label on the bottom of the chair.
Have I lost you yet?

It's all in the details.
They may just be set of humble folding chairs, but I like enough to put them anywhere.
The living room.

The kitchen.

They look custom made for my kitchen, actually.

 And I really like them at the boys' desk.

I've been looking for a set of chairs in there that were a bit smaller than the ones we have.
Chairs are one of the things on The List.

Bet you never thought I'd get so much joy from an old pair of folding chairs.
I''ve said it before, I am easy to please.
Finding joy in the little things can go a long way in making a happy life.
Wishing that for you today.
Love from,


Megan B. said...

So cute -- and so true about the joy of the thrift store score. My birthday was FILLED with them! Made it a great day :) Wait till you see some of the things I found...

katie said...

You are on a blogging roll, Greta! I love your chairs. They represent you so well. I especially love them at the desk. So perfect.

melody-mae said...

i love those chairs!! I especially like them in your kitchen but side by side in the boys room is pretty awesome too!!!

Laura said...

No, you have definitely not lost me! You have my full attention (and jealousy!). Those chairs are fantastic! I love them - they work so well in your house!

Terrie said...

those are some nice chairs, they are perfect for your house. By the way, I sure do love your kitchen.

branda said...

These are gorgeous chairs! I think everyone reading is a little bit jealous. : ) It looks like they are fabric covered and not vinyl. If so, that is very, very awesome... however, vinyl wipes clean... also pretty awesome. I feel like I should say, "Congratulations!"

valerie said...

love love love.....where are all these vintage stores? They are perfect at the boys desk area...waht a great find and more importantly that you got a few hours to yourself to find these treasures! hugs

Crystal Pence said...

Where did you get/who did the art hanging above the chairs in photos, esp. the one that says, "holiday"? So cool!

Crystal Pence said...

Where/who did you get the "holiday" art above the chair and typewriter photo? LOVE it!

Greta said...

Crystal, al the art is by my husband. You can see more at his blog.

Crystal Pence said...

Oh, his website is fantastic! However, there is no contact button. Does your hubby have an Etsy shop or any place where I can buy his work or prints of it? I really love it!

Greta said...

Crystal, first of all, thanks! He's working on an etsy shop but doesn't have one at the moment. Not all of his work is available in prints, but some are. If you send me an email (find my address on my profile) asking about specific pieces, I can get in touch with you and we can "talk". I can't email you because you don't have your email address anywhere that I can find and it is listed as "non reply" on the comments.
Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you!
Love from,