Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Recipes for Fall

Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts.
My mom used to make it often.
I don't remember her apple pies, because her apple crisp was so good.
Those sweet, cinnamony apples covered in crispy, soft buttery topping all warm and juicy.
Man, it's good.

Don't get me wrong, I love an apple pie too.
But only with crumb topping.
And if it's got cherry, cranberry or raspberry mixed in, so much the better.
But it must, I repeat, must have crumb topping.

Fall makes me think about apple desserts.
I love the way apples get so soft and sweet when they're baked.
They make baked goods so moist.
I hate dry muffins and cakes, don't you?
Add apples, or applesauce, and you don't have to worry about it being dry.

This cake, for example, is one of my favorite apple desserts.
You grate the apples on the large holes of a box grater and those apples add so much sweet juice to the cake.
It is divine.
I like to serve it for breakfast with a bit of cream drizzled over the top.
Seriously amazing.

I admit to being quite bummed that most of my favorite apple desserts will not be part of my fall menu this year.
Apples just seem to go so nicely with butter.
And butter is a no go right now.

But I can dream.
So I did.
I made a list of some delicious looking apple desserts I'd like to try.

Most won't be until next fall.
But there are some, dairy free, egg free, that I can try right now.

For one thing, I want to make apple sauce.
Can you believe I never have?
Well, I have made it for each of my babies, but never any jazzed up, spicy kind for me.

I aim to change that this fall.
Do you have a favorite applesauce recipe?
What about pie?
Apple crisp?
Or is there some other apple dessert that strikes your fancy?

Here are some of the apple recipes I found.
Take a look.
You might find the apple dessert of your dreams.
I can't wait to find out if I have.

apple cake   
apple pie cake  
pumpkin applesauce  
apple butter bars  
spiced apple sauce cake  
apple jack flap jacks  
baked apple oatmeal
apple fritters 
apple banana cake 
apple cranberry crumb tart 

Hope you are enjoying the sweets of this season.
Love from,
*all pictures were taken at Riley's Apple Farm.  to see full posts, go here and here.


Katie @ minivan diva said...

This comes at a perfect time for us. We picked apples on Saturday and Sunday and now have more apples than we know what to do with! Thank you.

mandi said...

Oh, I wish we could get fresh apples here. We went picking two years ago on vacation and my kids still talk about it being their best memory.
I love all baked apple items! In oatmeal, cake, muffins, sauced and buttered. Yumm!!!

Jen said...

uhm. for what it's worth I never make apple crisp with butter. use olive oil instead for the topping. works like a charm!

hennymats said...

LOVE apple crisp! Mhhhh, apple cakes.... not that anyone over here would serve this for breakfast. Though that is a nice idea. My favorite apple cake recipes are 1) a very simple German apple cake glazed with quince jam 2) an cake filled with a sort of cider (the French, alcohol containing one, no less) custard that has huge apple chunks mixed in and is topped with whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder and 3) cake base filled with whole, cored apples and a vanilla custard in between that gets baked with the apples. Yum. Sorry all three won't really be an option for you right now :(

What about simple baked apples? Just core them and have everyone fill them with their favorites: honey, nuts, raisins, marzipan, chocolate... add some vanilla sauce or ice cream for the non starvation diet family members, and maybe some crumb topping next year ;)

And yeah, I do realize this is the third comment from me today. I'm not stalking your blogs at all ;)

Terrie said...

I love, love, love apple cake, I wanted to see your recipe, but the link to your recipe is broken. :(

Terrie said...

I love apple cake and wanted to see your recipe, but the link is broken. :( We have plenty of places to pick apples up here in Washington, I need to go get some, I am in the mood for apple cake now. yum!

Greta said...

Terrie, I just fixed the link--check it again!
Love from,