Friday, October 7, 2011

A Ballerina Birthday Party

I love parties.
I especially love kids birthday parties.
Always have.
I started planning my own birthday parties around age 6.
I am always on the look out for creative, fun and real (you know the ones where you didn't shell out $300 for a 4 year old's bday party) birthday parties.
And because I have 4 kids, we go to a lot of birthday parties. 
I am lucky enough to get loads of inspiration from all the creative mamas and papas I know.

This party was for my niece.
She turned 3 this summer.
(i know--i am months behind.  i had a newborn--i'll be behind for a while)
Lizzy loves ballet and wanted a ballerina birthday party.
It just so happens her mommy was a real ballerina in her pre mommy days, and she was able to put together a perfect ballerina party for Lizzy.

My sister in law teaches dance classes for kids (see here website here) so she already had these adorable "bars" for the little ballerinas to use.
The "bars" are made of pvc pipe and and plumbing fittings.
They are super easy to put up and take down.
The little girls felt like real ballerinas as they practiced some ballet poses on the bar.

When they arrived, there were loads of tutus and ballet costumes hanging up for each girl to put on. (on another rack made with pvc pipe)
Lizzy has 2 sisters so they have a lot of costumes between the 3 girls.
Lilly brought some of her costumes too.
And, just in time for the party, Lilly and Lizzy were gifted with several new costumes from their aunt who owns a ballet studio.
She speaks their language.

If you don't have lots of tutus, you could ask each guest to wear their own.
Also, thrift stores and garage sales are great places to pick up ballet costumes.  Parents shell out $70 for a performance costume and you can get it for $2.

After each girl put on a costume, Jessica did their hair.
She put it up in a bun and then used bobby pins to secure a big, beautiful flower.
The flowers were from the dollar store.
You can't imagine how much those little girls loved having their hair done like real ballerinas.

Then the girls got to have their makeup done.
Eyeshadow, glitter for their cheeks and colored lip gloss.
Oh the excitement of it all!!
Lilly has never had makeup on so she was in 7th heaven.

As you might guess, party favors for each girl was their flower, their very won lip gloss and a few other little treats.

After hair and makeup, the music came on and the girls danced.
There was lots of posing too.
I think more posing than dancing, actually.

Lilly and Lizzy are 1 week apart in age.
They are a whole lot alike and people always ask if they are twins.
They practically are.
Their love for each other runs deep.
It was fun to watch them dance together.

And that was really what the rest of the party consisted of.
And little girls running around in tutus.
It was picture perfect.

The party ended with butterfly brownies and ice cream.
What a sweet little party for a sweet little ballerina.
Happy birthday Lizzy!

If you're interested in hosting a ballerina party of your own, check out my sister in law's site.
And the little ballerinos can come, too.  
They get to use swords.
Because all proper ballets have sword fights in them, right?

Happy weekend everyone!
Love from,

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Terrie said...

those girls are too precious! they do look alot alike, very pretty girls.