Monday, October 31, 2011

From Drab to Fab: the 20 Minute Art Project

This weekend was great.
We were home.
We cleaned the garage.
And now it is no longer declared a national disaster area.
The kids can go inside to get their bikes and I don't fear for their lives.
Aaron started working on the decomposed granite patio/play area in our backyard.
I baked.
Cupcakes and this.
I (almost) caught up on laundry.
I went out to breakfast with a friend.
Aaron and I went on a date.
Vintage clothes shopping and dinner.
We had a friend over for dinner.
I weeded the flower beds.
We watched a movie. (i know we're hopelessly behind the rest of the world, but if you haven't seen this,  you should.  i found it fascinating.  if you have, what did you think?  i want to talk about it with someone)
Yes, the kids were sick.
Yes, the kids were, at times, quite cranky.
Yes, we had another night of many people being awake and coughing and crying.
And yes, it sounds like it was crazy busy.
We did a lot.
But, we were home and that felt good.
I even found time to do a 20 minute, drab to fab art project.

This is the pantry in our kitchen.
It's where I have our growing collection of photo booth strips on display.
Problem is, there was nothing much happening with those strips.

I've been mulling over some ides.
Problem was, they all involved cutting of wood, painting of wood, building with wood, $ and time.
They were bigger projects than were really feasible right now.
I needed quick.
So, I came up with another plan.
I cut one piece of paper from my big roll of brown, builder's paper.

And made some art.

This project cost me no $.
It took about 20 minutes.
It was fun.
And now my photo booth strips have a home worthy of their coolness.

Around the edges of the paper, I used magic markers to create the frame.
I used a ruler to make the edges kind of straight.
I wanted it to be a little bit crooked--a little bit imperfect.

Then I cut some narrow strips from the same paper and stamped the year on the strip.
For some I used the whole number, 2010, and for others I used just the last two numbers, 11.
I put the year next to each strip because it is fun to see the year next to the strip.

In the bottom corner of paper, I stamped our name, and the words "I love you".
And, of course, I put a bird on it.

The whole thing is held up with little magnets.
Remember, my cabinets are the original metal ones.
They're handy, let me tell you.

I'm happy with the way my art project turned out.
I was especially happy when Aaron saw it and said, "hey that's a cool piece of art."
I always consider him the artist of the family, so when I get an art shout out, it makes me feel pretty darn good.

The other side of the cabinet looks very empty now.
I plan on filling it up with a poster or 2.

Next weekend I'll be going to this, and picking a poster from this guy.
The hardest thing will be deciding which one, or two, I like best.
I like the bacon, eggs, coffee, and the bird to name a few.

Hey, it's Halloween today!
We have some last minute costume work to do.
Hope your Halloween is full of fun.
Love from,


hennymats said...

Wow, now that is a busy weekend! Ours was good, too, and involved a date night as well (yay!), some tiny paint projects and ghost cookies. Yum. The boys went trick-or-treating the first time this year and had soooo much fun. I'm exhausted!

Hmmm, posters, like the toast, the guitars and mostly the don't be a drone. Oh, and the fish are nice too. You know fish are always a hit here...

Janene said...

Good idea for those photo strips! Love that front door! happy Halloween!