Friday, October 28, 2011

Mr. Roboto: Easy Homemade Robot Costume

It's a lot of fun being married to a creative guy.
He is always amazing me with his creations.
Paintings, furniture, home remodeling projects.
This costume makes me laugh.
Because, it illustrates a truth about this man I that love.
My 37 year old husband is really just a 10 year old boy trapped in a man's body.

Aaron's work throws a pretty big shindig for Halloween.
Aaron's come up with some good costumes in the past.
But given the insane amount of busy in our lives this past month, he had no costume as of yesterday afternoon.
Then last night he came home and made this.
Because we like the handmade costume round these parts.

Homemade with only 1 trip to the hardware store.
1 large cardboard box--cut holes for arms and head, spray paint gray
1 piece of dryer vent tubing--cut into appropriate length for arms and put into arm holes of box

3 plastic cups--spray paint cups gray and ends of cups red or blue, glue to front of box
Multiple pieces of cardboard cut into small squares and rectangles--spray paint cardboard pieces red or blue and glue to front of box.

1 large, plastic water bottle--cut top end off water bottle so head can be inserted in bottle

Spray paint bottom part of the bottle grey or silver.
Drill air holes along bottom of water bottle
Cover rough edge with squishy, tubing from hardware store.

Drill more air holes in top of water bottle and one hole for the antenna.
Spray paint a pencil red and a small wooden or styrofoam ball blue,
Glue ball to pencil and insert pencil in water bottle.
Use glue to secure.

Let it all dry overnight.
Put on your costume, and secure your place in history as the COOLEST DAD EVER.
Our boys were soooooooo impressed with their daddy.
They all speak the same language.

I love this boy I married.
Isn't he fun?

Happy Halloween everyone!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Love from,

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mamamandolin said...

Bahahaha! I love this! I wish my husband would get into the spirit a little because he would TOTALLY do this.

Cute blog! New here from the follower fest!

Kndbbdjk said...

I love it! That's awesome! My husband and I made easy homemade costumes this year too! We will post pictures after Halloween! How fun! I am your newest follower from the October Fest by the way! I am over at and would love to be blogger friends! :)

Anonymous said...

That is AMAZING! But I'm totally hyperventilating now… are there enough air holes??

hennymats said...

you guys should do a magazine. With all the cool DIY ideas, recipes, home tours, parenting tips, marriage advice and general creativeness, who needs real simple, martha & co?!

Mae said...

I LOVE this and I REALLY LOVE your blog!!! Just read your "About Me" section and I knew I would be hitting "Follow" immediately. So great to find your space in the blogosphere.

-Mary Susan

Mommy Tam-Tam said...

love, love, love the robot!

you guys really are the most creative!

Paul said...

Brilliant use of the water bottle!