Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Ode to Vintage Automobile Design--1963 Ford Falcon

Also an ode to beautiful design for a functional item--yes, the two can mix.
How fun it was to wake up this morning and see this in the driveway.

Aaron has waited so long for this car.
It makes my heart happy to think of him driving a car where the driver side door actually opens.
One where he hasn't had to bang out the fender with a hammer after someone crashed into it.
One that he actually likes to drive.
Oh, I know, be thankful he had that truck to drive.
Believe me, I was thankful.
I was thankful for almost 300, 000 miles and almost no $ to get it there.
But mostly I am thankful for a man who would make a sacrifice for his family and wait so long to get something he really wanted.
That old truck is a mix of funny stories, good and bad feelings.
I am not sorry to see it go.
And neither are our neighbors, I'm sure.
Because now, there is this!
Cars used to be so beautiful.

I love all the details.
Even the gas cover design is thought out.

Look at those luggage racks.
They're like sculpture.

More details.
I like the little cover over the locks on the doors.

It was funny how our kids didn't know how to operate the handles and locks on the car.
You don't just pull on the handle to open it.
And these locks aren't automatic either.
We had to tell them, "pull up!"

No automatic windows either.
The kids think rolling down the windows, all the way, is so cool.

Perhaps I am extra fond of this car because it reminds me so much of my first car.
A 1964 Ford Mustang.
I bought it from the original owner.
I was 18, saved my money, and against my dad's better judgement, bought that car.
And loved it.
But it was old and nothing had ever been replaced.
So there were plenty of tearful phone calls to my dad from the side of the road.
He rescued me every time.
But he told Aaron when we got married that he was glad Aaron would now be the one taking those calls.

The steering wheel is just like the one in my Mustang.
Isn't it beautiful?

That turquoise takes my breath away.
Yes, you can make fun of me for saying that.
But really, isn't color one of the best things in our world?
Aren't you glad for it every single day?

I like the ash tray in the back in case the kiddos need a smoke while we're on a long drive.

And speaking of kiddos, they are so into this car.

They pretty much think it's their playground.
James said, "isn't it cool that we could get an old car?"
We're raising them well.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The other day, a little friend of ours looked in our minivan and said, "your car is so cool."
Her mom drives a vanagon--the only cool minivan.
But Avery likes ours.
I had to laugh at that.
Because I am no fan of minivans.
At least not for style.
For practicality, they rock my world.
But not for looks.
Not for beauty.
Well, not to me. 
But who knows what someone will think about the minivan in 50 years?

I guess we've got the best of both worlds now.
Practical car and fun car.
I am so very grateful for both.
We are blessed indeed.
Here's to finding beauty in a hubcap.
Love from,


Terrie said...

That is a pretty cool car, perfect for you guys. It looks like it is in near perfect condition, awesome find. By the way, my first car was a 66 mustang, i loved that car.

hennymats said...

Haha just thought for a second about what it would be like to drive that here - guess I would neither be able to afford the gas nor find a parking spot ;) And how do you fit four car seats in that?

But it truly is beautiful! So yes, here's to form over function :) maybe some day cars will be pretty and practical.


Four Flights said...

you guys are too cool for school Greta and Aaron. Too cool. Congrats :)

mandi said...

GASP!!! You know how we love vintage cars over here! This one is a beauty! It is my dream to find an old wagon to fix up.
We recently let go of Mr. Lewis (impala) and got a first generation Buick Riviera. You're right, the details are so lovely and well thought out.
I hope you guys have so many fun adventures in your "new" car!

tiff said...

eeeek--- the details, the color, the babies inside... al so beautiful! love.

Adrian said...

I love your new car. Love. It.
I have to admit I'm a tad bit jealous, the color, the details, the size....perfect!

Laura said...

what an incredibly amazing car! the pictures literally take my breath away!
it was worth the wait!

Laura said...

and that turquoise interior makes me swoon!

mara said...

i am getting misty eyed. love the car - i grew up in california, now live in wisconsin and your car/neighborhood looks like my old neighborhood in long beach. our neighbors had a dodge rambler that we had many a ride in. congrats and enjoy - next up a trip to the drive-in movies.

School of Vintage said...

ah! so gorgeous in every way!

hannah singer said...

greta. GRETA. this is art. magical art. what a fancy fun ride! thanks for sharing all the details, such a fabulous tour.

love to you. xo

Jeanette Frump @lefrumpette said...

That is an AWESOME car...and an even more awesome color!! Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I drooled a little....

farmgirl said...

I couldn't imagine a more perfect car for your family! So happy for you!

frecklewonder said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS girl!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

what a beauty! i love how much you all appreciate it. just the way it should be!!!!!!!!