Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trimming the Tree

It's busy around here.
That seems to be a common tale.
Sadly it isn't the productive busy that I'd like, but more of the being out quite a bit and having a baby sick with a cold and keeping Mama up at night, kind of busy.
Still, I'm trying to remember it's not really about finding, or making, the perfect thing, but just enjoying all the simple things that make Christmas so special.
My vintage Christmas ornaments bring me a lot of cheer.

Singing "Joy to the World" with the kids every morning after we read the Christmas story, enjoying our neighbors' Christmas lights, and lots more sweet and simple Christmasy things are making our days merry and bright.
Hoping you, too, are taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the little things.
Love from,


Pam... said...

You are a wonder. Even your Christmas bulbs are beautiful. *Bet no one ever told ya that, did they? lol! (shh. between us, k?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta,
Love your ornaments! I have some vintage ones that I love as well, my grandmother walked from her family farm to the local store and home in snowy weather (in 1947) to get them, because she thought the tree looked too bare!
Looking at your great ornaments, Christmas mugs, etc. I have a question: how do you store all of that stuff? I loved your post on small space living with the kids' room and could use more of your tips! We are in a small space with our first little one, and with all the extra baby gear our little house is bursting at the seams!

Julia said...

beautiful pictures. i can definitely relate.

Cailan said...

Of course, I can relate. But those ornaments lovely and so are the sweet things you are choosing to major on. Thank you for that encouragement!

hannah singer said...

yes. same kind of busy here. no matter, your vintage lovlies just cheered me up!


Kitchen Vignettes said...

Just happened on your blog, I'm a huge fan of vintage Christmas ornaments too - beautiful blog! :-)

Kendra said...

Those ornaments are beautiful! Have you been collecting them over the years? They are so unique. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for entering my giveaway over at Bridget's blog! Hope you're the big winner :) Happy new year!

farmgirl said...

These photographs are breathtaking! If you printed Christmas cards out of them, you could probably sell them for a lot of money! I would be your first customer!

Cailan said...

Miss you, Greta! Hope you're doing okay, and happy new year to you. :)