Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Christmas

I like all sorts of Christmas decorations.
The woodsy, natural ones. Ornaments made out of wood and moss, fresh pine branches and red berries everywhere.
The sleek, modern ones.  Decorating the whole tree in one or two colors, everything kept minimal and well edited.
Even the Currier and Ives, old timey pictures of sleighs and snow and life a hundred years ago.

But my favorite sort of Christmas decorations are vintage.
And by vintage I mean bright colors, pinks and turquoise, reds and yellow.
No hunter green thank you very much.
Some might even call it kitchy.

But I call it awesome.
Like my santa up there in the header.  (had to figure out a way to direct your attention to it)
I bought him at a thrift store and pushed him home in the stroller, while one and half year old James walked next to me.
I got some looks.
But he was just too cool to pass up.

My house is quite full of vintage Christmas.
It makes me happy.

Here's some of my other happy this Christmas.

The glow from my neighbor's light up plastic statues.
I don't know which is my favorite.  The candles?  Santa?  The snowman?  

Glittery paper houses and bottle brush trees in beautiful, oranges, pinks and turquoise.

I am strangely drawn to flocked trees.
Haven't you secretly always wanted one?

But my favorite tree?
The aluminum ones.
I never thought I'd be able to forgo the traditional tree and that smell of Christmas it brings into the house.
But these trees--they are wooing me.

I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

I'm hoping I can be back tomorrow for a post on a craft boutique I went to last Saturday.  It was held in the home of that beautiful silver tree and I got some great pictures.
Inspriration just when I needed it.
We'll see how I'm feeling.
Until then, enjoy whatever Christmas decorations are making you happy.
I'm off to look at my vintage santa mugs.

Love from,


Betsi* said...

My decor? Old fashioned Christmas, i.e. German blown glass birds, squirrels, pine cones and even a cukoo clock that makes me think of you. Fir boughs and berry garlands, paper puts houses and cotton batting figures. Paper cut snowflakes, and trees. Apothecary jars full of vintage, tarnished glass ornaments and my old fashioned mahogany music box that plays brass discs of holiday music with the waltzing couples in the little glass window. And plenty of old Christmas pop up and picture books at hand. You can have a little tour on my latest blog post!

Desirae said...

I am with you Greta. I LOVE MY ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Every year we change the colors of the bulbs we put on it. I, too, never thought I would be able to give up the scent of a fresh evergreen. However, I have found that when I need to revisit that memory, I just need to pop over to my folks house and be around their douglas fir Christmas tree. And as far as the flocked tree...well that is another memory. Growing up, my dad (your uncle fred) often got a very large douglas fir and had it flocked. I always liked those too.

Merry Christmas!