Monday, January 9, 2012

The Best Laid Plans (and a cute little book to write them in)

I have had plans to get back to blogging.
I have had plans to change the Christmas header into a new one.
Or even back to the old one.
I have had plans.
But sometimes, often times, my plans don't go the way I want them to.

Christmas was busy.
And I couldn't manage outings and projects and packing and wrapping and sickness and blogging.
So I took a break.
And then we got home from our week away and I spun into a whirlwind of New Years activity.
Taking down the tree, cleaning out closets, scrubbing walls and light fixtures.
I like to start the New Year fresh.
And then I got the flu.
I was down for the count.
Do you ever feel like losing a day sets you back a week?
I lost 3 days and was pretty much done for.

I'm still recovering.
One night last week I came home from an after-the-kids-go-to-bed-trip-to-the- store and Aaron wanted to watch a movie.
"Sure," I said.  "Can we watch it in bed?"
We have never had a tv in our bedroom.
The only time we watch tv in bed is when we're staying at a hotel.
But I was so tired I knew I'd fall asleep immediatly and so a movie in bed seemed like a perfect idea.
(Lap tops are awesome for this kind of thing.)
It was.  I fell asleep right away.
Having kids wake up coughing all night long, or wake with horrible ear pain, or wake wanting to nurse all night long because he got used to it over Christmas break at the grandparent's house doesn't do much to help the tiredness either.
What I'm trying to say is that the plans to get back to my blogs just haven't materialized.
I'm trying tonight, but there's no telling what tomorow will bring.

But if I do end up taking some one to the dr. for ear pain, I'll be sure to write down the appointment time in my new planner.
It's super cute.
Let me show you.

The cover alone makes it worth it, am I right?

Inside front cover, also super cute.
Now if you are a uptightish, perfecty kind of person, this might not be the planner for you.
You might prefer a more traditional planner.
This is the kind that you can start whenever you want.
Just circle the month at the top of the page and write in your numbers.

I love a planner that has each month laid out and then the weeks as well.
This has both.

It also has lots of space to write notes.
Along with fabulous bird illustrations and great quotes.

It even has a section for you to write down names, phone numbers and addresses.
Yes. Old school.
You should do this.
Because if your cell phone dies you won't even be able to call your husband's cell phone because you don't have the number memorized.
Oh wait, that's just me?

There is also a sweet little pocket on the back page for boring stuff, like important receipts.
Or fun stuff. like love notes from your man.

I do love a good planner.
It's one of the best parts about January.
I'll just make sure to write my plans in pencil since they are sure to change.

I got the planner at Anthropologie, if you interested.
And if you want another kind of planner, my friend Heather, over at Life Made Lovely, created these free, printable daily planner sheets.
Go look!
They are so adorable and pretty much perfect.
Print a bunch, tie them with a pretty ribbon and give them to a friend.
Giving to others is my New Years resolution and that would be a good place to start.

It's good to be back, friends.
I have so much to share.
But I won't make plans for it, because who knows what will happen with them anyway.
Happy New Year!
Love from,


meg + andy said...

hey greta! glad to hear from you, you've been missed! I've been MIA for awhile too, feeling overwhelmed with all the potential of a fresh new year...anyway, hope you all feel well soon!
oh, and i have a couple CM questions...i feel kinda badly asking you to take time for them when i know you don't have a lot of extra to spare....but if you have a minute do you think i could send an email? mine is

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I love that planner! I like that it is beautiful and functional.

Cailan said...

I get it, Heather! We've all been sick for the past week +, and it just won't go away. I finally got our tree down two days ago...but the Christmas tubs still haven't made it back to the garage. So glad to hear how your doing, though! Happy planning in that cute-cute planner. :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just you :) I need to write Brian's number down!

Jenny Plumb said...

The Christmas lights may or may not be stilled plugged in at our house because I can't crawl up on the roof to take them down and my husband, poor man, hasn't had time. Oops! I made a planner page too this week for weekly planning out of vintage graphics to print off on the computer. But I think yours is absolutely adorable.

Simple Life Journey said...

Wow! How adorable!

hannah singer said...

perfect planner. wow!