Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boots As Art (i got pink Hunters!)

For Christmas this year, Aaron got me a pair of pink, Hunter, wellies.
You know, rain boots.
For all the rain we get here in Southern California.
I know.
Perhaps rain boots for a girl living here are a touch dramatic.
Or silly.
But I have wanted these for years.
They're something I'd never buy myself.
And then that rainy day does come, and I see everyone else walking around in their rain boots and I am kicking myself for letting another winter go by without getting a pair of my own.

I've scouted out lots of other boots and I have to say, these are my favorites.
I tried plaid ones, polka dots and stripes.
Most of the time I hate the way the pattern is screen printed on the boot.
It's sloppy and it looks cheap.
My art director husband has gotten to me, right?
And even when I have tried on other solid color boots, I always come back to these.
I think they are the best.
Hunters are just my favorites.
Aaron knew that.
So he surprised me.
He's the best.

I couldn't wait to give them a test run.
As soon as presents and breakfast were over, I donned my favorite green coat (a Christmas gift from Aaron a few years back--the man has great taste) and headed outside to do a little photo shoot with my new boots.

The outfit was kind of laughable since it was about 75 degrees outside.
But I was enjoying the moment.
And then I had to go change, since I was getting all sweaty.

Of course, we haven't had a day of rain since Christmas.
We haven't even had clouds.
The weather has been amazing.
80 degree days.
We went to the beach 3 times last week.
It's been glorious.
But not rain boot weather.
And I figure, even though I can't wear them, I still can enjoy them.

There they sit, in the entry way, for all to see.
Just a little piece of installation art.
Pink Boots, I call it.
I'm enjoying my boots every single day.

They're ready to go.
Maybe we'll get some spring showers.
Or maybe someone has a horse stable I can muck out.
(not really)

Thanks for another favorite Christmas gift, babe.
You spoil me.
Love from,


Tess and Tatum said...

wore my lime green ones just yesterday. in hunters unite! i'm so with you on this one.

happy day, greta.


meg + andy said...

these are awesome! yay for wellies!

Unknown said...

Hooray for you and the good weather! We've had a few 50 degree days since Christmas her in Mid Missouri, and that has seemed like an incredible fortune. But look at you going to the beach! Glad you're back.

hennymats said...

Oh, I'd have some rain to share, if you're interested. Quite a bit actually. Feels like weeks and weeks of rain. No snow this winter, just rain.

Love the pink boots! Do they make them in red, too? Cause my husband would roll his eyes at pink boots... :)


Pam... said...

You can were those because you are so young and trend setting and beautiful in everything.
Now me. I think they are sweet; but I would look like a very strange older person in mid life crisis clip clopping about.

So I will find a pair of dark ones that no one will see, that have a good arch and don't hurt my poor old feetsies. And i will admire you in your pink puddle jumpers from afar! You go girl!

hannah singer said...

they are on my wish list, and in pink, too!

Cailan said...

yes, these are definitely great art. how sweet : )

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those are just the cutest!!

farmgirl said...

Your post made me laugh! Ross bought me Hunter boots in RED for Christmas, and I feel the same way about mine as you do about yours. And I plan to blog about them, too, though my pics won't be nearly as lovely. But I can tell you that letting the chickens out in the yard at 5:45 every single morning is MUCH more enjoyable in a pair of Hunters! They ALMOST make it fun! :)