Monday, January 23, 2012

Of Thrifting, Old Signs and Being Married to my Soul Mate

Aaron was out of town last week and I had every intention of blogging each night he was gone.
Because I have missed it.
I was going to get all those Christmas posts done because it is bugging me that I am behind.
And I want to move on.
But each night after I got the kids to bed, before 8 mind you, I fell on the couch, utterly spent.
I often stayed there until I woke up shivering, or heard a child calling me from sleep.
Sleep became far more important than blogging.
Even fractured sleep.
Doing it all, all alone, is tiring.
Even if it's only for a week.

But I'm getting better at it!
The first 3 days felt pretty easy.
And I got a little confident.
That confidence came crashing down the 4th day when I became frustrated with each kid about something or other and desperately wanted a break.
Thankfully I got one.
I dropped the kids off at my friend's house for my every other week, afternoon off.
I needed to clean the house.
I went thrifting instead.

It turned out to be a great day.
I found vintage sheets, vintage thermoses, a new thrift store and when I got a little bit lost, I found this old sign.

I had a few heart palpitations when I saw it.
There I was, in the middle of suburban sprawl, not quite sure where I was, when I happen upon this sign, and this still operational, drive through dairy.

Even more amazing, behind it was, a still operational dairy.
What the what?
Am I in Wisconsin or something?
I guess this all used to be farm land.
I bet it was beautiful.
Now it is surrounded by less than gentrified neighborhoods, the 91 freeway and miles upon miles of sprawl.
Not so beautiful.
But the sign made me happy.
Really, crazy, happy.

I got out and took tons of photos.
Because that's what I like to do for fun.
What made the moment even cooler was this: right as I pulled over to take pictures of the sign, my phone rang.
"Greta? This is Paul."
What?!  Paul!
No way.
Paul, one of Aaron's friends from art days in college, and new dad of a 3 week old baby, wanted to bring dinner over.
Because I was still palpitating over the sign and the fact that Paul was calling right when I saw his name on the sign, it took me a moment to process this.
And then I did.
"What?  I should be bringing you dinner.  And besides, Aaron is out of town."
"I know.  I just talked to him.  That's why Denise and I want to bring dinner to you and the kids."
I almost cried.
Because sometimes, in the midst of solo parenting or not, being taken care of feels really good.
It doesn't take a lot to make someone feel like a million bucks.
Here's to friends who come over bearing pizza!

As soon as I got off the phone with Paul, I called Aaron to tell him about the sign, my vintage sheets and the care of friends.
David was screaming from the back seat, finally fed up with being toted along in his car seat for 2 + hours.
"Where are you?" Aaron asked.
"I don't even know, but this street is so full of amazing signage, I have to come back and take pictures."
In the background: Scream! Scream! Scream!
"Oh my gosh!" This time it was me.
"I just saw the coolest laundry mat ever!  The coolest!"
"Is it the one with the giant clothes pin on it?"
"I know! It's so cool!"
You see.
(Cue Napoleon Dynamite)
I wonder how many guys out there would be excited with me about the laundry mat with the giant clothes pin?
I guess I'm the lucky one.
I guess  we were just MFEO.
(name that movie)

The next day I took pictures of all my treasures.
These sheets are kinda Brady Bunchish, but imagine them pared with pink, in Lilly's room one day.
I have a vision.

I loved these pillow cases.

And then I found this sheet to go with them.
Not matchy at all, but theysome how work together.

And for our cold and hot beverage needs, vintage thermoses.

A little worn, but sometimes I like things with a patina.

Besides, I never mind adding to the thermos collection.

Some girls go to the spa when they're feeling overwhelmed.
I hit the thrift store and buy other people's cast offs.
I stop for old signs and swoon over giant clothes pins.
It's cheap fun.
But the spa wouldn't be so bad either.
Love from,


mom said...

I love that you have a passion for old stuff...just like your mom. Different stuff...but old!
You should have gotten a pedi while you were down....not really a spa day, but it always makes me happy. I love you

Four Flights said...

we too have an operating drive thru dairy by us, granted their sign isn't as cool as Paul's, but still pretty neat to drive thru and get eggs in my pj's. :)

Unknown said...

I am with you on the thrifting for relaxation. SO worth it.
glad you got some sheets and pizza in the midst of it all.

Nicole said...

Sleepless in Seattle!

Nicole said...

Sleepless in Seattle!

hannah singer said...

greta. i just love you.
your realness is beautiful.
your thrifted treats, awesomeness.
and your napoleon dynamite/sleepless in seattle references make me smile wide.


Laura said...

it's so true - there's nothing like a little vintage treasure hunting to give me some relaxing time to myself.
love, love, love the sheets & pillowcases! and the signs make me swoon too - i wish we had some cool old signs around here.