Friday, January 27, 2012

Vintage Sign Love

If you're new here, you might not know about my love for vintage signs.
It's kind of an addiction.
Or obsession.
At the very least, it's a collection.
I collect photos of vintage signs.
And I've been doing it for years.
Here's a few I snapped recently.

Don't you just love a good arrow?
The lights in it make it that much better.

The arrow is part of the Roxie Cleaners sign from Belmont Shore.
This sign used to be much cooler.
Then someone decided to "clean it up" and took off the old letters, painted it, added the new, blue letters and changed the sign for the worse.
Don't people know that you don't mess with vintage signs?
Come on now!

So now I mostly like the arrow.
Aaron bought a bunch of the big Christmas lights on clearance after Christmas with hopes of one day making us a light up arrow of our own.
He's got a million and one projects to do, but that one sounds like so much fun!

This is a trailer park sign I have loved for years.
I finally stopped to snap some photos.
As evidenced by the story above, you never know when some fool is going to get rid of a sign.
Document while you can!

I played around with some filters on Photoshop with this picture.
Late night fun for this mama who should be sleeping.

Want to see more of my favorites?
Try here.
Or here.  (we're taking another trip to China town soon and I can't wait to see these signs again!)

If you know of a great old sign kinda near here, let me know.
I go on drives just for signs.
No lie.
Love from,

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Betsi* said...

When I did the Longest Yard Sale there were so many amazing signs! I kept thinking "Greta would love that!"