Friday, January 27, 2012

The Sunset Drive In

The first, and only, drive-in movie I saw was Mary Poppins.
I was little.  Mabey 5?
But I remember it well--the speakers, munching the popcorn my mom brought in a big paper bag, the thrill of watching those silly penguins on the big screen. (you know the penguins are the best scene in that movie)
It was so much fun.

We went to the drive-in in Oceanside.
Some of you fellow Fallbrook or North County readers might have gone there too.
The screens are still there.
So is the parking lot.
Except now it is home to a swap meet every weekend.
It bums me out every time I drive past it on my way home for a Fallbrook visit.
Why did the drive-ins die?


megandandy said...

i love drive ins too! my husband grew up less than a 1/2 mile from one but he still has never watched a movie at one. Its been on our "bucket list" for the last 7 years. i think this is the year to make it come long as there is a movie that will do the inaugural event justice. :)

hennymats said...

You know you need to keep posting things like this as they don't exist like that over here!

Laura said...

we had a drive-in about 10 minutes from where i grew up. i have such vivid memories of seeing movies there. unfortunately it's now a shopping center. it's something i would love for my kids to experience one day.

farmgirl said...

I remember my first drive-in movie, E.T., at the theater that was once at the corner of Spring and Bellflower. Unfortunately it's now a car dealership, Kmart, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. How tragic is that? Oh, I wish I could have lived in the good old days! Thanks for the drive down memory lane.