Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Treats Come in the Mail!

I am still deep in the throes of Christmas posts over at my other blog, Lilly and the Brothers.
I just have not been able to catch up with all those Christmas memories I want to record.
And so I am still plugging away.
Yes, I know it's nearly February.
I don't care.
It must be done.
That's why this post is appearing now.
By rights it, too, is a Christmas post.
But I didn't get to it at Christmas.
Or anytime after.
But it must be done.
Because it is just too much fun not to share.

Right before Christmas, I found a package left on my doorstep.
It looked like it might have been dropped a few times, and then ran over by the mail truck before it was delivered to my house.
I had received all the packages I'd ordered, so I had no idea what it was.
And the return address label didn't make any sense.
"What is this?" I wondered.
I opened it.
And remembered.
A faithful, international, reader of my blog made some wreaths and I commented on how cute they were.
"Send me your address and I'll make you one," she joked.
But she wasn't joking.
So I sent her my address.
And then forgot all about it.
Until I opened that package.
Look what I found!

Doesn't it look perfect hanging on my turquoise, front door?
I love it!

I squealed and then got all teary at the thought that someone, who I have never met, would go through all that effort for me.
What a wonderful surprise.

And it kept getting better.
The package was chock full of Christmas treats.
A home made memory game for the kids.

A soft book for Davy to chew on.

A doll sized, hand painted table and chair found at a German flea market.

Christmas Toffee for Aaron.
Oh man, it was good.
Really.  So. Very. Good.
There were homemade Christmas cookies too.
I don't know how they survived the trip, but they did and oh my, they were good!

I loved that the tags were in German.

And the best part was a sweet, hand written card from my blogging friend.

I love the world of blogging.
Over and over again, I have been touched by the kindness of strangers who become friends over the internet.
I know some people find it kind of weird, but I love it.
Who doesn't love it when treats come in the mail?
Thank you, friend.
Your wreath still hangs on my door, and I smile and think of you each time I see it.
Love from,

PS. And take a moment to visit Swenja's blog, Hennymats.  Lately she's been posting simple kids crafts that I really like.  We did these little paper houses yesterday and my boys loved decorating them.  You're sure to be inspired.


hennymats said...

Now I am speechless. All I can say is you're very, very welcome! It was my pleasure.

And that wreath looks awesome on a turquoise door!


mandi said...

Wow! So very sweet! I love the blogging world too. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the kindness I find.