Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Photo a Day -- Days 11-17

Hi friends.
I've been down for the count with a thrown out back.
I don't like to miss so many days with this little blog o mine.
It's my creative outlet.
But it seems like I am in a season of unpredictability.
My time is not my own--not even close.
So when I can, I will blog.
And when I can't, I won't.
But I will still take pictures!

I haven't posted them, but I have been taking pictures every day.
Thank goodness we get an extra day this month so I can post almost all of my February pictures before it's March.
Here's a little peek at our February days.

February 11, 2012:
What Makes Me Happy
William and Dziadzi.
His first go-cart ride.
Pure joy and wonderful memories.

February 12, 2012:
Inside My Closet
Aaron's shirts.
So many colors.
Stripes.  Plaids.
So Aaron.

February 13, 2012:
Little blue sweater that used to be mine.
She wears it now.
I love that.

February 14, 2012:
I walked into the kitchen and saw this.
Happy Valentines day!

February 15, 2012:
Almost everything is better when it's

February 16, 2012:
Something New
Baby lettuce.
In  my mom's garden.

February 17, 2012:
Nelson made some great clocks.
Aren't the colors fabulous?

I am still really enjoying being a part of this Photo a Day Challenge.
I'm excited to start the March list.
And I love seeing other people's takes on the same photo inspiration.
Here is one of my current favorites:
Katie from Katie's Pencil Box.
Go see her photos.  They are beautiful!
Tell me, whose photos are inspiring you?
Love from,


hennymats said...

I love that clock! I always wanted one of those. Still need to convince a certain someone though... The sunlight heart is such a cool shot - I'm sure I'd be to distracted and confused walking in my kitchen in the morning to even notice.

Can't wait to see the next photo challenge!

Jillian In Italy said...

Really beautiful photos Greta. Love the sun heart on the kitchen table, your turquoise kitchen door, your boots, the fact your daughter wears your old sweater. So many beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.