Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Photo a Day -- Days 18-29

Hi there friends!
I'm doing another Photo a Day Challenge post here.
It's almost March and time to start a new list!
But before I do, I want to share the rest of February.
Sit back and enjoy--there are a lot of photos here.

February 18, 2012:
Our Bialetti coffee pot.
It reminds me of Italy.
And it makes the best coffee.
was one of the best treats I've ever bought myself.

February 19, 2012:
Something I Hate to Do
6 people make a lot of laundry.
Sort.  Check pockets.  Wash.
Dry. Fold. Put away.
It never ends.

February 20, 2012:
We call it copy work.
And we use the pages from this book 
when we need a refresher on our letters.
My 2 boys working side by side.

February 21, 2012:
A Fave Picture of You
Days spent on the couch, icing my back.
The kids all climbed up to have a little fun with 
photo booth.
I love my crew.

February 22, 2012:
Where I work
The kitchen.
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks.
School. Letters. Drawing. Art.
Meals together.
Reading aloud.
Where we live.

February 23, 2012:
Maybe the spring will bring rain
and I'll get to wear them then.
They're ready and waiting.

February 25, 2012:
Opening day.
My little boys in uniform.
Baseball hats.
Pitchers mound.
Green, green grass.

February 26, 2012:
Dark clouds grow darker.
Night is coming.

February 27, 2012:
Something I ate
Homemade croutons.
Because some things are very much
worth the trouble.

February 28, 2012:
Priceless art.
She's drawing people now.
Lilly the artist, age 3.5

February 29, 2012:
Something I'm Listening To
This term we're studying Felix Mendelssohn.
I love the name Felix.
And I discovered that I love his music.

Yes, I took tomorrow's picture today.
And yes, I missed # 24.
I kept forgetting that one.
But I took a picture today, and it inspired a post.
I hope to share it tomorrow.
And then it will be March and time for a whole new month of photos.
I can't wait!
If you're doing this too, share a link to your blog or FB in the comments so I can see your pictures.
I'd love to see what's inspiring you.
Love from,

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Cailan said...

Next year - NEXT YEAR I will do this. It's such a fun sweet way to keep track of life now.