Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dreaming of Ronni Kappos Jewelry and a New Dresser to Put It In

I missed Day 24 of the February Photo Challenge.
It was "Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet".
We don't have cabinets in our bathroom.
We have a small, double sink with 4 drawers under it.
All our towels and such we keep in the hall closet next to the bathroom.
Aaron and I each have a drawer on top, and the lower ones hold various bathroom necessities.
In my drawer I keep my "creams and lotions" (name that movie), makeup, Lilly and I's hair accessories, my jewelry, scarves and whatnot.

I try to keep it clean, but it gets messy fast.
Nothing is very easy to find because it is all kept in a tight space.
It works, but I dream of a better set up one day.
For example, keeping my jewelry some other way than in a bunch of little bags, getting tangled together and lost all the time.
I mean, I don't have a lot of jewelry, but I have some.
Like this, my most favorite necklace ever.

I wear this beauty all the time.
In fact, if you hang out with me at all, you might think it's my only one.
It isn't.  It's just my favorite.
It has so much going for it.
It's classic shape--like a string of pearls.
But it's more casual and fun than pearls and therefore easier to wear.
It's so colorful.
It goes with almost any outfit I put on.
And to seal the deal for me, it's made of vintage, glass beads from Germany.
How cool is that?

The necklace is by my favorite jewelry designer, (OK, I only know 2) Ronni Kappos.
I fell in love with her jewelry a few years ago when I saw this bracelet at the OCMA.

Aaron bought it for me for Christmas that year and my collection began.
He added the necklace last Christmas.
And I am happily composing a list of other pieces I love in case he ever decides to get me more.
I like this.
And these.
I told you she was my fave.
(see more of her designs on her site)

And if I'm going to have all that fabulous jewelry (ha!) then I need a better place to put it, right?
So I'm dreaming of a new dresser.
When Davy moves into the big kids' room, we'll have that whole wall currently occupied by his crib.
I can't wait to put a dresser there (Drawers for my clothes!  Imagine that!) and make part of it into a little vanity station.
Although I love the idea of a vanity like this one, I think a dresser or credenza will be more practical.

I am thinking something more along the lines of this.
With a cool lamp on top, and instead of shelves above it, a mirror to look at when I put on my jewels.

I really love the lines of mid century credenzas like this one below.
But I also think a full set of drawers would be better than shelves.

I am also in love with painted furniture.
I found these 3 painted dressers here and I am so smitten.
These are my absolute favorites.
Aren't those colors so great?
I want to copy them exactly in my house somewhere.

This one is beautiful.
Such calm colors.

I even love this one.
I like the idea of pairing a patterns with solids.

Although it feels like Davy will be in our room for a while yet, the boy is almost 9 months old.
I think he'll be moving this summer.
It's definitely not too early to daydream of redecorating.

All that from a Photo Challenge promt!
March's list starts tomorrow.
I can't wait!
Love from,


hennymats said...

What pretty jewelry! Seems like it really needs a new home. Love the dressers, especially the multicolored ones. Oh they would look so lovely in your house. I'm sure you're going to make it great, no matter when. It's never to early to start planning...

mandi said...

I love all of your choices! Of course I do- you have fantastic taste!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Okay so I shouldn't have clicked on that jewelry. I love love it - but I get why you are hoping to be gifted pieces. It is so beautiful