Friday, March 2, 2012

March Photo Challenge Day 1: UP

I was excited to start March's Photo A Day Challenge.
The first prompt was UP, and I mulled over my interpretation of the prompt.
For me that's been the best part of this challenge.
It's been so much fun to match these random words to the moments, thoughts, or emotions of my days.
And when my dear friend had me over for tea, it was suddenly very clear.
This was my UP.
Enjoy a spot of tea with me.

It will be hard to pick just one of these for my weekly photo challenge post.
Tomorrow's prompt is fruit.
How fortuitous that we're visiting the farmer's market.
Wishing you a weekend full of sweet little pick me ups.
Love from,


Jennifer said...

:) That made me smile. Is that Rebecca's? That vintage tile, tea canisters and the sun streaming in on the first shot surely is a pick me up. I love it. Are you guys coming out to my farmer's market? And some Bob's? :) If so, I'll SO meet you there! xox

akenney said...

The photos on your blog are gorgeous! These.. well, I just want to jump right into that sunny afternoon please.

Cailan said...

I love these pictures, Greta! They are ART. Love your tea table. This is such a great project.

Unknown said...

love your teapot! ella would be jealous!