Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Valentine Throw Down (and other goodies from the party)

I know Pinterest is telling you Valentines Day is over.
It's all about St. Patrick's Day now.
Well I'm here to tell you that we're still talking about Valentines day.
And who says you can't pin these ideas for next year?
I say you can!
Pin away, my friends.

I think Valentines day makes for some lovely photographs, don't you?
I had so much fun snapping photos at our Valentines party.
Come to think of it, I was a terrible host.
I didn't check on the food once.
I never made a second pot of coffee.
I forgot to put out napkins.
Thank goodness Davy is such a mellow baby and didn't mind watching the party from the confines of his play pen.
Cause I kinda lost track of him to....
But I did get some great pictures.

Pink and red is one of my favorite color combos.
And all the hearts?  
I love them.

Polka dots, too.
Especially in pink.

Then there were the boxes to hold the Valentines.
Just look at these repurposed cereal boxes.

Stinking darling!

And this is just a gift bag, but jazzed up with a personalized label.
So cute.

Then there were the Valentines.
There were so many cute ones.
The kids loved going through them all.
So did I.
You may have seen some of these floating around on Pinterest.
If so, enjoy them again.
If not, pin them for next year.

Bouncy ball fun.

Lolly pop adorableness! (tutorial here)

Cuting up some candy conversation hearts.

The balloon surprise.

And there were other cute ones that I missed in the chaos of 25 kids, 8 and under, running about my backyard, high on donuts and Valentines day candy.
But aren't these ones great?
To see more of our party, go ahead and visit my other blog.
There are some photo booth shots too great to be missed.
Love from,

And even though I don't do St. Paddy's Day, I got sucked into Pinterest and found some fun and crazy stuff.
Here.  Will the spinoffs never cease?
Here.  Really?
Here.  Now this spinoff I do like.
Here.  Don't do it.
Here.  Please,please, please, don't do it.


simply brookes: said...

so great. love your photo diary, g.

Nancy said...

Just the color scheme of Valentine's day makes me smile. THose are some awesome valentines you captured at your exchange. BY the way... I just loved your piece on Beautifully Rooted. Loved it so much! Happy Day to you.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

So cute. I love the ballon one. My guys would go crazy with that one!