Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Day Photo Booth and Some Mustaches

What a fabulous Valentines Day we're having over here!
We just finished up having a party with all our friends.
I must have taken 200 pictures.
Valentines Day is very photographable, don't you think?

But of all the pictures, the photo booth pictures are my favorite.
Yep, we had a photo booth!!
Take a look.

It was a last minute idea.
Aaron came in from his studio around midnight, last night.
He had a stack of papers in his hands.
"Happy Valentines Day," he said.
I unfolded the papers to discover the biggest, brightest and best valentine ever!

He had just finished assembling it in his studio.
He designed it all, colors and font, and then put together each piece of paper like a giant puzzle.
How stinking creative is he?
I cried.
Of course.

Then the light bulb.
We had to have a photo booth at our Valentines party because now we had the perfect backdrop.
And we had to have mustaches.
Because just look at how awesome these mustaches are.

So my darling husband quickly cut out these mustaches for me.
Which one's your favorite?
As a Valentine present for my friends, I took photo booth pictures of them and their kiddos.
I'll print them up and hand them out.
A post Valentines Day valentine, but a good one nonetheless.
And then the kids got to stage their own photos.
There are some great ones.
But this one might be my favorite.

William and his best girl friend, Natalie.
My heart is melting.
Oh what fun we had today.

So many more pictures to show you, but now I must go sweep up many, many sprinkles from my floor and prepare a fancy dinner for my man.
We will be waited on by 3, very excited, waiters tonight.
It's gonna be fun, and interesting, I'm sure.
Oh, and do you like my new header?
Also, I am writing for a new blog.
It's called Beautifully Rooted and I'd be honored if you'd stop by and take a look around.
I'm posting about parenting in the Nurture section.
You can see my first post here.
Let me know how you like it.

Happiest of Valentines to you, friends!
Wishing you a day of hearts and sunshine.
Love from,


meg + andy said...

looks like a fabulous time and that sign is just awesome. you've gotta find a place for it in your house...maybe the ceiling of the kids' room?! ;) anyway, love it all and glad you had a fun day.

Betsi* said...

Love the new header!! You guys are so cute and cool with your photo booth and 'staches!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

How cool is Aaron?! I love the photo booth idea!

Laura said...

what a fantastic idea & adorable photos!
i love your new header! it makes me so happy with those colors!

hennymats said...

So cute! I think i like the pink mustache best.

And I love the new header! So cool and so you.


mandi said...

Oh Greta- you are a girl after my own heart! We had a family Valentine dance last night- I wore heels and everything!
And the header looks great! I want you to do a little tour of your homeschooling space. Pretty please!

ps- I bought sardines. they are sitting in my pantry staring at me. I felt so brave buying them, but not brave enough to eat them yet!

frecklewonder said...

oh miss greta!

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!

also? totally jealous of your bio book in your header!!!!!! ;)