Monday, March 19, 2012

March Photo a Day -- Week 1

Hi there.
I haven't been able to do much with blogging, but I have been taking my photo a day for March.
I have high hopes of carrying this through the year--even if I miss a day here and there and go back to take it--and making it into a book on a website like this.
That would be something I'd really like to accomplish this year.
Not anything world changing to be sure, but something I'd really enjoy.
Often it's those little things, like this, that make our days richer.
As much as I wish I could be vacationing in my favorite places every month, (Palm Springs anyone?  Paris? Big Sur?  The Swiss Alps?) I can't.
But I can enjoy a half hour with a good book, or I taking pictures of orange blossoms.
Simpl pleasures.
Here's week 1.

March 2, 2012:
Our orange trees are covered in blossoms.
When I open the kitchen window, I can hear the bees humming.
And one of the sweetest scents in all the world, fills the air.
It also fills my heart.
It reminds me of this.
Oh, how I love those orange blossoms.

March 3, 2012:
We live in the burbs.
Our house, and all the others on our street, was built in 1952.
I like to see the Falcon in the driveway and imagine
what it was like when every driveway had a car like that.
I bet it was beautiful.

(I think it's funny, given Aaron and I's penchant for mid century anything, that we live in a city that was planned and created in the 50s.  In fact, our city was "the nation's first post-war planned housing development".  You can read about it here.  It's interesting--if you're into mid-century anything, that is.)

March 4, 2012:
I love this lampshade.
I also love color.
Can't you tell?
Orange lamp and turquoise bedside table.
You can't go wrong with turquoise.

March 5, 2012:
The very first thing I noticed about Aaron was his smile.
He stole my heart with that smile.
I love it still.
I always will.
His smile makes my world a better place.

March 6, 2012:
5 pm
Just home from William's baseball game.
He and Lilly are sitting at the front door,
taking off their shoes, talking,
and especially, sharing his snack.
That post game snack is a big deal.
I really, really love that he shared with her.

March 7, 2012:
Something you wore
On any given day,
 you will see at least one member of my family
in stripes.
Sometimes, all of us.
I love stripes.

So that's week 1.
Some enjoyable moments captured.
How are you enjoying life these days?
Love from,

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hennymats said...

I love these photos so much! Maybe I'll get to do that next year. Right now I'm sort of neglecting my photography, even my photo books (sigh). But I am getting a little bit better at sewing, well, at least I'm sewing something. It feels good to be able to create something, make something. Even if that means I spend my nights at my laptop not able to decide which fabric to order. Oh well. Hope to be able to take some pics and share the results soon!

Anyhow, love all the photos. But orange blossoms out your kitchen window. That is amazing. And the images are so pretty!