Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garage Sale Finds: Tablecloths, Old Ties, Suitcases and More!

Remember me?
I hardly do.
Do you have kids in sports?
Or after school activities?
More than 1?
How do you do it?

We've chosen not to do many extra classes or sports with our kids up till now.
So far the only thing we've done consistently is swimming lessons.
But that's once a week for a half an hour.
And I pick the time.
I like that.
I like it a lot.
Cub Scouts is twice a month.
We can work on the projects on our own schedule.
I like that, too.

But this season, both of the boys are in baseball.
That means late afternoon/evening practices.
It means Saturday games.
It means weeknight games at 5, or 6:30.
It means we have not been home together for dinner or a normal evening routine for 5 nights.
Tonight will be the 6th.

My kids are still little, and it's only 2 of them in sports right now.
I'm starting to wonder, how does one do music lessons, play practice, swim team, football practice, driving lessons and all the other things kids seem to fill up their time, and yours, with?
How does one do it with 4 kids?
Or, if your kid is amazing at something, do you really devote your time and energy to it, and live at the dojo, or ball field, or studio, or where ever, so your kid can go pro?
Or just be really good in high school or college and then drop it.
That's some serious commitment.
I have a lot to think about.

It's making me tired.
This is just one more reason people tell me to enjoy my kids right now, isn't it?
When, most of the time, our time is our own and we can just spend the day watching pet snails, reading books, making art, and hunting bugs in the back yard to feed to our new aligator lizard.
And, post about that garage sale we went to a week and a half ago.
So here's the rest of that fabulous garage sale post.
Take a peek at my treasures.
Feel free to squeal at your favorites--I did.

First, there were vintage table cloths.

This one is my favorite.
I love the color combo of yellow, grey and green on this one.                                                                                                                                                                                          
It had lots of yellowing on the fold lines.
Almost all of it came out.
And I don't mind that it's not perfect.
It's easier to enjoy using it when it isn't.
Don't let yellowing, or a few stains stop you from picking up a vintage linen you love.
Think of it as a patina, and let yourself enjoy using it.

I'm always on the look out for things for him:

and for me:

Then there were these suitcases:

This one needs some scrubbing, but I don't mind.

I don't mind that this one doesn't latch.
It will be used to store Lilly's dress up clothes.

And, look what it has on top!

It gets better!
Check out the lining inside--plaid!
These wool blankets had a few holes, so they gave them to me for free.
I think they'll be perfect camping blankets--holes and all.

This travel bag is only missing a matching, plaid, wool throw, and a thermos.
Perfect for picnics in the Falcon.
I'll have to get to work on that.

Can you believe how cute these little guys are?
Now I don't have to buy the kids ornaments for Christmas.
I can check one thing off my Christmas list and it's only March!

There were angels, too.

And my last find?
A whole box full of canning jars.
They are my favorite kind--the ones with the tiny diamond design.
Some of them even have those great lids with them still.

I've been waiting to find my canning supplies at a garage sale for a good deal.
I've resisted buying new at Target because I was confident that I'd find what I needed eventually.
I did!
Along with the jars came a big, black canning pot.
It has a rack on the bottom and everything.
Now I just need a few more tools and I'll be set.
I spent less than $3 for all my canning goods--would have spent at least $20 at Targ.
This will be the summer fo canning, I tell you.

There were a few other odds and ends, but I've forgetten them because it's been so long.
I'll find my groove again.
It might not be until May, when baseball season is over, but I'll find it.
Oh wait, there were books!
Yes, come back for the books.
Love from,


simply brookes: said...

love all your finds, g. great eye, lady. enjoy...

branda said...

Are your boys on the same teams? We only participate in activities where the girls can do them at the same time. They're in the same Irish dance class and will be in the same American Heritage Girl's group. And all of our other activities are with our homeschool friends so they all happen in one big group, too. We're still running around like fiends, but we only have to go once to each activity.

I love the ties!

Betsi* said...

Oo, I big puffy heart your new tablecloth; but then you know how I feel about vintage linens. All your treasures are so fun!
Hang in there. It's a season we're in and you're storing up a lot of treasure in your kid's souls!

Laura said...

great finds! those canning jar lids make me swoon!

my older son is only in 1st grade, so we're only doing activites one at a time, but i can see where it gets crazy. i think it's important to only pick something the child is truly interested in, because if they're not, it becomes a chore for them.

can't wait to see the books!

hennymats said...

Gorgeous finds! Love the linen and the suitcases and buying Christmas ornaments in March.

I don't like that many commitments either, luckily so far my kids are small and hey, I only have two. But only to think that I'll have to factor in one in preschool and one in elementary school starting August... ugh.


mandi said...

Ooh! That Grand Canyon sticker is amazing! I keep my daughter's dress up clothes in a vintage suitcase too- love it!

Cailan said...

Fantastic, Greta! Love the tablecloth best, and your Christmas tree will be darling this year, and of course, I'll come back for the books. ; )

Jillian In Italy said...

Oh yes...children and their activities that complicate our lives! On Wednesdays I have to cart 3 kids to 6 different activities...all in different towns. You should see me by 8pm.

Great tablecloth by the way. And my grandmother used to have a similar tartan picnic bag.

Regina said...

I have 4 kids and yes, it can be really difficult making sure everyone gets to do an activity that they enjoy while not driving me and my husband nuts all around town. As Branda said, it helps if they can do things together. During the school year, you throw in homework and it gets insane quickly. We have to put limits on it so that the kids get a balance between activities and free time. The summertime is when we try to a more rounded activity schedule. Time to learn new skills and goof off too!

Frugal Mommy said...

I've been gone from the blogging world for quite awhile now! Since our move from LBC to Tulsa in jan. '11. And now with our move from Tulsa to Boise happening Jan '13 I'm looking for inspiration. And I'm here, of course! I love your penchant for vintage. I love your eye for color. And the fact that you agree that turquoise makes everything better!!

Total side note... I had those vintage wooden ornaments as a kid, and when I had my very first Christmas tree with my own children my parents gave me what was left of those wooden ornaments. Still my favorite today. What's even sweeter is that when my husband and I had our very first Christmas tree his Mom gave us a box of their old ornaments. Which contained all of the vintage wooden ornaments that my collection was missing so we now have a complete set! Dream!