Thursday, May 24, 2012

Turquoise Paint

It feels like eons since I've written a post.
There are so many reasons why I've been absent.
Some of the more complicated ones are discussed here.
Others are less complicated. 
And a whole lot more fun.
Like painting.
We've been painting things turquoise.

The weather has been so beautiful lately that we spend as much time as we can outside.
We do a lot of our school work outside on a blanket under the avocado tree.
Spending so much time in the backyard has me itching to do all sorts of projects out there.
One of the things we've tackled is the playhouse.
Take a look at this floor.

It was crying for a makeover.
So we gave it one.

James did the cutting in.
He has a steadier hand than I do.
And he loves being better at things than I am.
It's any kid's dream, right?

William and Lilly did the rest of the floor.

There are a few places with extra paint.
But I'd rather they get to paint their own playhouse and make a few mistakes, than I do it all myself and make a few less mistakes.
Because really, only James would have done it perfectly anyway.

We've done a bit more on the playhouse.
Maybe I'll get around to doing a little tour of it soon.

After painting the playhouse floor, I got out the turquoise paint again.

And I gave our picnic table it's annual, summer coat.

It looks so good in turquoise.
Practically everything does.

There have been lots of other projects, big (sorting and organizing hundreds of books) and small (spray painting light switch plates).
I hope to share them with you.
Sooner or later.
If you've stuck around despite my sporadic posting, I appreciate it.
I do like being here when I get the chance.

Love from,


Laura said...

what a happy color! I love it! Can you tell me what brand/color name it is? Thanks!

Sounds like you're getting lots done, which feels so good, doesn't it?

Happy painting!

Jillian in Italy said...

Turquoise just makes life better. Brightens the day no matter how cloudy or rainy. Enjoy your day Greta! J x

mandi said...

Fantastic! The picnic table we inherited with our parsonage is in dire need of a paint job. Do you do any scraping, or just paint right over all the business?

Laura said...

I'm looking for a great turqoise-what brand/color is that?! Your blog is seriously my favorite. I love your style, and your cuties!

Cailan said...

Such a great color - don't blame you for wanting to paint everything in sight ; ). Love the pictures, miss your posting! love, cailan