Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When Men Craft: a Diorama Party

I know it's been forever.
There has just been too much going on to keep up with blogging.
No matter how I try, I just haven't been able to find time for it lately.
And trust me, I've tried.
But I am just so excited about the birthday party I had for Aaron this weekend that I am staying up all hours to blog about it.

Being married to an artist can be difficult at times (you've no idea how long it takes him to commit to a paint color) but mostly it is lots of fun.
Aaron loves creating all sorts of things and I wanted to have a party for him that capitalized on that.
Given our mutual love of dioramas, I decided a diorama party would be a perfect fit.
It was.

Also, it was probably a bit of a risk.
Invite 10 or so guys for a diorama party and you could have a real disaster of a party on your hands.
But these guys all came through with flying colors.
We have some very creative friends.
They even participated in voting for "best of" categories and the handing out of trophies.
And they could have all been lying, but I do think everyone had a great time.

So yes, men can craft.
And they can do a darn fine job of it.
Take a look.
(The numbered ribbons are not place value.  They were for voting purposes.  Each diorama won an award for a specific category voted on by each party guest.)


Most Bizarre

Most Colorful


Most Creative

Most Artistic

Best Theme

Most Unusual

Honorable Mention

The Sweepstakes Winner!

Aren't they amazing?
Everything was crafted on site in our back yard using all sorts of random materials, much of it recycled "trash".
James stayed with the big boys and took part in the party, as did one other younger party guest.
They were so thrilled to be a part of it all.
Obviously a diorama party works for multiple age groups.
He had an absolute blast and he, William and Lilly have been busy working with the leftover diorama party supplies for the past 2 days.
We've started them on the diorama love too!

I have lots more pictures and info on the supplies we provided and how to set a party like this up.
Also more details about each amazing diorama.
I'll post that info as soon as I can.
Until then, enjoy all this creativity and maybe take a trip to the Natural History Museum to get some diorama inspiration of your own.
Happy crafting!
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Aaron has some pretty talented friends! I'm seriously impressed and afraid of what I would have been able to create at such a party. : ) I'm so glad he had fun celebrating his birthday.

Betsi* said...

This. is. the. best. party. ever! I LOVE it! You guys are some of my most favorite people. That chicken coop! And Aaron's trailer! I love that Scott's is tiki themed and Brian's looks like a movie vignette.
I am so ganking this idea for my birthday!

Anonymous said...

Really cool!


Denise said...

I love crafty men.

I'm eagerly awaiting the promised waffle recipe...

hennymats said...

amazing, you guys are so amazing! happy birthday to Aaron - and don't worry, living life is more important than blogging about life... as these photos prove!

Megan B. said...

A real diorama-rama!! Awesome! And of course, I'm glad to see a post whenever you can find time, Greta! We miss you!

Summers Family said...

Branden had a GREAT time!! Please tell Aaron Happy (late) Birthday from me.