Monday, November 5, 2012

Come to Aaron's Art Show

That's right!
Aaron is having a show.
I've been an art widow for the last month or so as Aaron has been in his studio every night, painting feverishly until the wee hours.
Many nights he'd come to bed after 2.
And get up the next morning and go to work.
I don't know how he did it.
But he says when he gets in a creative groove he looses all track of time and the next thing he knows is it is 3 am and he still wants to keep painting.

The hard work paid off because he has some great pieces.
His color palette is beautiful.
Aaron loves color and it shows in his work.
He is also fun.
And so is his art.
Who he is and what he loves comes out so clearly in his paintings.
I know he'd love to sell them, but I admit to being sad to see them go.

On Sunday morning he loaded up his car with all his work, and went to hang his show.
His art looked even looks good hanging out in his car.

And after a month of hardly seeing one another, that night we went on a date.
Of course we stopped by the wine bar that is hosting the show to see it all hung up.
This picture doesn't do it full justice.
It looks fabulous!
Here's a sneak peek for those of you who won't be able to make it.
 If you are a local, please consider dropping by.
The opening will be this Wednesday, Nov. 7th, from 6-10, at Art Du Vin on 4th St, in Long Beach.
Aaron will be there all evening and he'd love to see you.
I'll be there too--I got a babysitter!
(you know that is worthy of exclamation points!)

You can make a fun night of it and go out to eat at Lola's, across the street from the show.
Lola's has amazingly delicious food.
Get the mole.
You will not be disappointed.
Then walk across the street for a glass of vino, and check out some fantastic art.
If vino isn't your thing, there is a coffee shop too, so you can get an evening shot of espresso.
Really, there is something for everyone.

If you are far away and can't make the show, Aaron will have all the pieces up on his blog in the coming month.
He will also be sharing some info about prints of his pieces becoming available in the near future.
So stay tuned, people.
And come to his show!
Love from,
PS.  If you know anyone else who might like to check out Aaron's work, please share this post with them.  We'd be so grateful.


Terri said...

Hi Greta! I hope Aaron's show is a success. He did the "ICE" painting for me last Christmas and it is my very favorite object in the house. He is fabulous. Good luck and yay for babysitters!

Rachel @ said...

Amazing pieces of art

Anonymous said...

Those colours are gorgeous. Why is California so far from Italy? I would have loved to check out his show.