Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thoughts of Thankfulness

November is a favorite month of mine.
I love the idea of a month given over to remember all that we are thankful for.
And while we should all strive to have a heart overflowing with gratefulness each day of our life, there is something about the collective attitude of thankfulness that happens each November that warms my very soul.
The kids and I found this book at the library yesterday and I began reading it this morning while I ate breakfast.
It is full of so many beautiful thoughts that I was moved to tears more than once.
I thought I'd share some of them, as well as some of my other favorite poems and sayings on thanks, here with you this month.
May you find much to be grateful for this month, and always.

Are there other ways you will commemorate this season of thanksgiving?
I am starting small journals of thankfulness with the kids.
They are not fancy--just little books we've stapled together and will fill with thoughts and pictures of what we are thankful for.
I'm sure I will treasure them forever.
There will be an entry about the bread we made last night.
It was amazing!
You must try it.
I'll post about it soon.
Have a wonderful Saturday, my friends.
Love from,

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Betsi* said...

We will be setting up our now annual Thankful Tree. We started this tradition a couple years ago. You can read about it here: