Saturday, December 12, 2009

Itty Bitty Craft Project

I am beginning to think that I should just take the whole month of December off from blogging. I can't quite figure out the reason, but we are always sick, sick, sick this month. I grow weary of it. It seems they feel worst at night, and there go my few, sweet hours to blog, craft, read or just be kid free...
And right now, well, I should be working on the Christmas card, or making felt food, or getting to that Mt. Everest of ironing, folding laundry, or a million other things. But I posted once last week. And I miss it. I get the itch after a couple days off--I'm really itchy right now.
So here goes:

If you are a mom, a sailor, a barista, or just anyone alive and kicking during the Christmas season, you are busy. And if you are busy, you don;t have time for big, complicated craft projects. But don't you just want to make something sometimes? Don't you just want to add a little bit of homemade loveliness to your home?
I do.
But time, as I noted above, is tight these days. So I do what I can. I do itty bitty craft projects.
This is one. It is similar, OK almost exactly the same, as the one I did here. That made it go even faster!

We have a wall of family photos hanging in the hallway. They are all black and whites--some by me and some by the fabulous Jeremy Dodgen of Dodgen Photgraphy. Long ago I painted these black Ikea frames prettier colors. Then, we had to figure out an arrangement for them. I wanted to hang them salon style, you know--free form. Aaron agreed. But salon style to him is not free form. He did a complete lay out for the frames and even included the exact location of the light switch. See?

And it was that empty spot next to the light switch that was really bothering me. It needed a little something. It needed to stand out from the rest of the frames. It needed to be different.
Of course, it needed to be red.

I took that little frame I got for $2.50 at Urban Outfitters, painted it fire engine red, popped in some colored paper and added the # 5. Because we are, after all, 5.
I think it fits just perfectly.

This itty bitty craft project took me an itty bitty amount of time. But it gives me a great big amount of pleasure every time I walk past it in the hall. It doesn't take much to add a personal touch to your home.
A little paint. A little paper. A little imagination.

So tell me, what itty bitty craft project do you want to do?

On a related, crafty note, I want to tell you about a giveaway over at a new favorite blog. The blog is Prudent Baby and I am really loving it. They have some great crafty projects, as well as some good recipes and other diy ideas. They are also hosting plenty of giveaways this month. This one is so unique and beautiful. Go here and check them all out.

I may be back tomorrow. I may be back next week. Between sick kids, Christmas day fast approaching and that Mt. Everest, it may be a while.
But either way, I hope you'll share some of your crafting ideas with me. It will brighten my day.

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Shannon said...

Do you ever do a craft project that turns out nothing like you wanted it to? And in fact, the huge mess you created while doing it only adds insult to injury. It happened to me twice this month. I'm done crafting for awhile... at least until after Christmas. :)