Thursday, March 24, 2011

At Long Last--Our (nearly) Done Vintage Kitchen

We're finally done!
Well, there are a few minor details that need to be finished, but the big things are done and I just can't stop looking at my kitchen.
Is it weird to love a sink?
And the counters?  Let's just say I am over the moon and back again (hint) happy with our choice.
Wanna see?

We started with this

Then came this

Then this

Then this--almost there!

And now, THIS!!!!

We went with the boomerang.
In turquoise.
Because in the end, you have to go with what you love.

And we do.
So, so much.
Jut look at that color.

I was worried it would be too much with the red floor.
But it isn't.
At least not for us.
Because we are the ones that live here, and so we had to listen to ourselves,
not anyone else.
This kitchen might not work in your house.
But is just right for us.

So many people give you advice about resale value and decorating your house
in such a way that it appeals to everyone.
I don't want to appeal to everyone.
I want to walk into my kitchen everyday and smile.
Because we made the choice that was us.
Don't be afraid to be yourself--even when it comes to choosing your counter tops.

I even got a little extra counter space over in the corner between the stove and fridge.
It's the perfect spot for my pink mixer.
And did you know, pink and turquoise look fabulous together?
And so do pink and red.
See what I mean--don't be afraid--just go with what you love.

It has been really, really fun to share this process here.  I can't believe how many people cared about our kitchen counter tops!  I appreciate all the interest and excitement.  
It made it that much more fun for us.

We still have some things to finish.  
We need to replace those awful fluorescent lights.  I try not to look up when I'm in the kitchen.
We need to find fabric to make valances for the windows.  I know it seems hard to believe, but the kitchen seems more white now and I think that a pop of color up at the top will help.
The hard part is going to be choosing the right fabric.
And we need to hang a few more things on the walls.
But those are all the details that are fun--except for the lights, but we have a plan for that.

I'd also like to post some better pictures.  
When I took these yesterday there was a storm coming in and so the sun was coming in and out of the clouds.  
I didn't want to make everyone wait any longer, so I am posting what I have.
I'll post more when we get things on the walls and curtains up.

Until then, thanks for all the love and encouragement.
I know it's not a traditional remodel, but there isn't much about our house that is traditional and that suits us just fine.  
We like it old school--even though we like it modern.
Vintage modern--that's the way we do things, from kitchens to travel.
Because we got enough boomerang to use in the trailer we dream of owning someday.

Now I'm going to go look at my new kitchen again.
And again and again.  I'm a little giddy with it all.
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Love it, Greta!! I love how it is a perfect fit for your family and that the space reflects your family.

Terrie said...

Wow! That is so pretty! I absolutely love it. Aqua is my favorite color. It really goes perfect with the red floor and red accents you have. Great job. You must be thrilled. I wouldnt be able to stop looking at it either.

Betsi* said...

I am so happy you went with turquoise boomerang!! I was rooting for it. I was actually worried you wouldn't choose it when I knew it was totally you guys. It looks amazing!

Imperfectly Yours, Kimm said...

Looks great Greta!

Lillian said...

I love it! It does look great. I see you also put in the cabinet nest to the stove. Your mixer looks very good there.
At this stage you don't evennn need to worry about resale. let the some day new owners spend thousands of dollars themselves if they want. I am so glad you are happy.
I knew it would be the boomerang!!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


I love it and I would buy your house in a heartbeat! : )


Megan B. said...

Squee! I LOVE it! It really looks great all together -- and doesn't look kitschy, dated, or anything. I'd even say it's TIMELESS!! PS: you're on the blogwatch tomorrow:)

Lisa said...

it looks really awesome...bright and fresh and very stylish!! oh..and there is no way to appeal to the masses re resale so you are right to go with what you love. I follow that philosophy too...cuz I gotta live with it.

well done!!

mygirl said...

finally the suspense is over. love it! your kitchen looks great! i truly believe you can never go wrong with turquoise:)

Four Flights said...

oh my goodness Greta, this is not my style but I dig it! Fantastic job. Our tastes may be different, but still, you've got taste and style!

Sue said...

Love love love love love your new counters! I want to do my kitchen, but it's so far down on the list of things to do. Whenever I need a fix, I'll just look at yours :) Does the turqouise fascination have anything to do with a crazy aqua/turqouise Mustang you drove in high school? I still can't believe someone else had the same car I did (I miss that car...)!

sioux said...

no, it is not crazy to love a sink:
we moved! and i had to leave my sink behind! and i hate my new one!
i totally get you & your kitchen love. and i love your kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Best kitchen, ever. EVER!! I *love* turquoise and red together and love the countertops you chose!

By the Bluegrass said...

So full of personality! I want to hang out here and sip on a root bear float! I love the ICE picture. I think it all came together in a grand way. I love how you really went for it.

Unknown said...

oh em gee! love love love it all!

Well done! your hard work definitely paid off!!

Sarah said...

So stinkin cute!!! thanks for sharing. Thats So fun, and I just loved your words too. :) Blessings!!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i LOVE the turquoise with the red floors!! LOVE IT!

Adrian said...

I love your kitchen! The colors are fantastic! I found your blog through Katie and I'm so happy to have come across it. By the looks of it we live close by one another. I'll happily be reading. Thanks!

Natalie said...

Love it! Can you tell me where you ordered the formica? I know Formica discontinued it and I am having a hard time finding it. Let me know. Oh and where is your metal banding from? Thanks!

Natalie said...

I love it! I wanted to know where you bought the formica. I am having issues locating it since it seems Formica has discontinued it. Also, where is the metal banding from? It looks so awesome! Thanks!

hannah singer said...

this IS what i love! i'm tucking away inspiration like this for when we are no longer renting an apartment:)
great advice, go with what you love!! Xo

Cat @ flutterbymama said...

I LOVE your kitchen. You've really worked with what you had rather than trying to fight against it. I love the 50's Diner/Scandi feel. I've gone with a more 60's/70's modern feel with teak upper cabinets but as much as I love mine I would swap with you in a heartbeat. I absolutely agree about going with what you want and not about re-sale. I love the fixed benches too! I'm seeing a little DIY project at ours...

see our kitchen re-model here:

amanda said...

eeeep!! those counters are amazing, and I LOVE the color scheme! you are so right about being true to your own style. I struggle with this - we're a military family, so we move every 2-4 years. right now we're in the process of buying our first home... we know we are leaving in 3 more years, so my instinct is to not do anything that's *too much.* maybe that's something I need to fight against, eh? ;)