Wednesday, March 23, 2011

His Biggest Canvas: Painting Our House

I know, I know, I promised kitchen pictures.
But there are a few minor details being taken care of--like one last coat of paint and switch plate covers--and I don't want to post pictures until they are taken care of.
So until then, I'll give you some of the other big project looming around here.
Still. (see here)
Choosing the colors to paint our house.

This was Aaron working at color combinations.

No matter how hard we try to move in different directions, we always seem to come back to the same color palette.  These are the colors that we love.
I think it is important to remember that.

He decided to start with sample cans of these colors.
Like I said, the same color palette we're always drawn to.

He painted spots of all the colors on the back of the house.  He tested out different combos of wall color, trim color, and door color.  The grey is primer.

The orange would be an accent color for  the diamonds he wants to add to the garage and the gable end of the front of the house.  (yes.  diamonds.  don't worry--aaron has an uncanny ability to make things you think will never work look really good.  believe me, i know from experience.)
We've tried 4 oranges so far and none of them are right.  It is hard to find a good orange.

Recalling this beautiful front door hiding behind those gates, Aaron decided to take action.  Might as well go for it and see if you like the results.
(this house is in a really cool mid century neighborhood near the golf course near our home.  yes, we drive around sometimes and take pictures of houses for inspiration.  love that painted, white wall, love those big, bold house numbers and love, love, love that front door)

He took down our hideous security screen, sanded and sanded and sanded the peeling, forest green front door and painted it this glorious shade of turquoise. 
We were pretty sure we wanted turquoise doors.
Now we are completely sure.
I am willing to figure out an entire color scheme for our house based on that color.
It absolutely sings to me.
And our neighbors think we are crazy.

Then Aaron began painting different color combos on the front of the house around the front door and our entry way.
The colors looked completely different than they did in the back.
It was maddening.
So he tried some entirely new color combos.
The light makes it hard to see, but here is one.

 He used a new green paired with the turquoise.  It is entirely reminiscent of my favorite house and for sure my favorite combination.

He also tried the turquoise with orange, but I like orange better as an accent.

The kids love all the construction and projects going on around here.  They want to be a part of everything.

Aaron was outside on Sat night painting swatches until dark.
He came in and said he felt like he was working on his biggest painting ever.
I love that man.

He's a crazy artist for sure.
Just as long as he keeps both his ears and eventually decides on something.
By eventually I mean this year.

Kitchen pics are on the way.
For reals.
Love from,


Unknown said...

you had me at torquoise door!!! I cannot wait to see the finale!!!

Betsi* said...

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with that pear green and turquoise combo on the window frame! You guys are so cool.

You're right, orange is deadly hard to work with. But when you hit that just right shade, it's to die for. Keep up the good work, Aaron. It's gonna be amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness--how I love that door! I am quickly falling in love with your colorful home!

Toronto painters said...

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