Monday, April 11, 2011

Found Them: Vintage Lamps for the Kitchen

As promised: the lamps!

We were ready to wait patiently until we found just the right ones.  That's what you have to do when you are looking for vintage things at affordable prices.  It can take a while.
But we found them much sooner than anticipated at one of our favorite stores, The Vintage Collective, on 4th Street in Long Beach.

Could the color be more perfect?  
Yes, they came that way and we haven't done a thing to them.
I think it was meant to be.
I like them from underneath too.  Kind of ship like.

They need to be cleaned, re-wired and have their arms shortened.
But it's OK.  They're old.
Otherwise they are in perfect shape.  
I really love them.

One of the best things about them is that we scored 3--just the number we needed.  
There were only 2 in the store.  We really needed 3, or just 1 to put over the table and use some other lamps for the rest of the kitchen.
So we asked them to take down 1.
Aaron said, "we really wish there were 3.  3 would be perfect in our kitchen."
"I think I have more in my other store," he said.
He did. 

Aaron thought I'd think they were too much--or maybe too wild.
Apparently he doesn't know how much his aesthetic has infected me.
I loved them right away.
Truly, they were meant for our kitchen.

And why, you ask, do you need new light fixtures anyway?  Aren't the old ones good enough.
Uh, no.
Most decidedly not.
These bad boys have got to go.
They sort of kill the whole kitchen remodel.
They are on their way out.

And, to add one more cool part to the lamp story, we got a great deal.  
If you've ever looked at lamps, you know how pricey they can be.
Even these lamps--basic as can be are $40 at IKEA.  
We like them though, and have them several places in our house.
We figured to save $ we'd get one "cool" lamp for over the table--a centerpiece--and the rest would be the relatively inexpensive and basic IKEA lamps.
We got our lamps for $50 each!  That is almost an IKEA price. 
But infinitely cooler.
We were pretty stoked, let me tell you.

So there you go--the lamps.
Hopefully I get to show you a picture of them installed soon.  
Last night I took on the mammoth task of cleaning out the closet that allows access to the attic so that the wiring can be reached.  
That is why there was no blog post today.  I was up late.  That closet was full of junk

I am glad we were able to go vintage with all 3 of the light fixtures instead of just one.  It is such a fun treat to find just what you are looking for, at a price you can afford.  When does that ever happen?

Aaron finished our front door and new screen door this weekend.
And I have bread to talk about.
There are pictures to share and stories of our neighbor's disapproval of our turquoise front door.
See you soon!
Love from,


Katie @ minivan diva said...

So incredibly perfect. : )

Terrie said...

I love them. Awesome find!

Imperfectly Yours, Kimm said...

I can't wait to see them up!

Megan B. said...

LOVE! We went to the hardware salvage store and spent $100 on all of our lighting fixtures. My favorite is our dining room fixture: vintage late 1960's, white mod fixture salvaged from a church library. Vintage lighting may be my favorite thing ever. I need to have my brother teach me how to rewire fixtures!

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh!! I love those fixtures! What a perfect find--definitely meant to be!

hannah singer said...

those lamps are rockin' my socks! wow!
what an incredible find.