Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More Vintage Signs From the Central Coast

Has it really been a month since I last posted here?
There is a part of me that would like to be really bummed out about that, but I am not going to listen to her.
Instead, I am going to tell you that since I last posted school started.
And let me tell you, home schooling this year is kicking me in the booty.
This is the first year where I am schooling both boys.
William was in kinder last year, and I am of the old fashioned mindset about kindergarten: it should not be stressful.  
It should be fun.
It was.
And therefore, it was a relatively easy year for both of us.
But this year there is a bit more work to be done.
Both boys are young enough to need a fair amount, or a lot, of hands on help still.
So, I am quite busy being a full time teacher to the both of them.

And then there is Lilly.
On the first day of school, she sat at the table with us as she always does, drawing picture after picture.
I told the boys it was time for math.
"Where's my math?" she asked.
So basically I am scrambling because I did not anticipate that my 4 year old would want to be doing a full curriculum with her brothers.
She wants to write, to read, to spell, to do math--the works.
They really are different, aren't they?

And then there is David.
I wrote a bit about him here.
Trying to teach school to the big kids, keep up with the house, the yard, cooking, and the myriad of other things on my to do list, all with my busy, busy, 1 year old running around, is almost more than I can handle.
And some days, it is more than I can handle.
Hence the lack of blog posts.
Blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list of things I get to do after I get everything else done.
Because I never do get everything else done, I don't blog.

Anyway, like I said, I am not going to be depressed about this, even though I do miss blogging fiercely.
If you are not an avid blogger you probably don't fully get this.
"It's. A. Blog," you're thinking.  "What's the big deal?"
I know.
But writing and picture taking mean a lot to me.
My mind, my heart and yes, even my soul, are all filled when I am in this space.
So letting it go has been hard.
I feel like I have gone through the 5 stages of grief with this process.
It sounds lame.
But it's true!

It's been a tough road, but I think I have finally made it to the acceptance stage.
I am willing to take what I can get and be thankful for it.
That might mean blogging once a month.
Or twice.
Or maybe even less.
I keep reminding myself that this is a season.
Right now it feels like the end of winter.
I am slogging through the mud looking for the first flowers of spring.
But soon enough, things will change again, and the mud won't be quite so deep.
At least I've got cute, pink rain boots to see me through.

I've also got some more vintage signs to share with you.
We spent last week up north on the Central Coast.
It was utterly beautiful.
And while vacationing with 4 young kids is not relaxing, it was fun.
We had amazing food, soaked up the abundant natural beauty, and went on plenty of fabulous hikes.
We also kept our eyes peeled for vintage signs.
Here are 3 of my favorites.

This one is in downtown San Luis Obispo.  
I've loved it since Aaron and I first visited  SLO, 12 years ago.

This one is from a tiny, little town between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.
We drove through it on that same trip to San Luis, 12 years ago, but had forgotten about it.
We drove through again this year, on our way back home.
Davy was sleeping, and the kids were anxious to get to In and Out for dinner, so we didn't get out and walk around, but I did snap this one shot.
I like the looks of this town.
And I like this sign.
And then there is this sign.
Oh how I do love it and all its kitchyness!
Isn't it adorable?
We saw it as we were getting on the on ramp for the 101 in San Luis.
"That's a cool sign!" I yelled.
Aaron got off at the next exit and backtracked to find it for me.
I love that man.

Here's hoping I get back here before another month slips by.
And if you're sticking around through this season I'm in, I do so appreciate it.
Thanks for visiting.
And do come again!
Love from,


Rachael said...

The signs are so pretty. I'd be tempted to pinch one and pop it up in my kitchen!Rx


meg + andy said...

i'm sticking around!! your life sounds so much like mine right now, it is super encouraging to see it all written out....except mine doesn't include any awesome coastal signs. glad to hear from you...look forward to next month. ;)

Melanie said...

Ah....Foster's Freeze...there used to be one in Hawthorne when I was a kid. I think it survived through the 80s, but, sadly, it is gone now.

Paul, Lauren, Witt, and Nash said...

Thanks for the honesty Greta! I so relate! I too feel as though I accomplish n.o.t.h.i.n.g. in a day sometimes and it is super discouraging. I start to feel totally inept. Indeed it is a season and I pray daily that God would give me a content heart, for joy in the mundane, and trusting that my ministry is where my feet are! Praying the same for you!

Rachel Reeves said...

I miss you and your blog, but each time I visit and you're not there, I think...
"I miss her, but I bet her kids don't"

And that's a good thing.