Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Greta's Gift Guide: From Patchwork Long Beach

Hello friends. Are you ready to do some Christmas shopping? Are you still hunting for the perfect gift? Please, let me help. Don't forget to look at my first gift guide, and then, you can peruse this one. Have fun!

This past Sunday, I attended Patchwork Long Beach, an indie arts and crafts show. It was fantastic. Really, I was so inspired by all the talented artists and crafters who were there, sharing their passion for handmade goods. It was a good time.

Being a mommy to 3 little people, I was also inspired by the number of parents and kidlets I saw at Patchwork. Some of the artists were there with their babes, and many, many parents were walking around with babes strapped, tied or attached to them in some way. I liked the idea that these people were here, sharing beautiful things with their kids, outside, teaching an appreciation of art and not cruising the aisles of Toys R Us, or at home playing their Nintendo Wii.
It's nice to branch out.

My boys enjoyed watching shirts being silk screened to order by We Love LB.

James liked looking at records with his Daddy. My boys listen to records in Daddy's studio on the old hifi we inherited with the house.

And I, well, I found a lot of sweet, sweet handmade goodness to share with you.

First there were these dolls by Girl Always Falling Designs.
I love them. You can reach the artist at her email:

This little girl with the green scarf is my favorite.

Next I saw these collages by Lisafaye Dawson. I especially loved that wood grain, the Paris map and those bird cages. You can reach the artist at her email:

Next up these wallets and small bags made by Amanda Mesna Designs. She makes her bags from vintage tweeds and other interesting fabrics. I like the color combinations and the simple, modern lines.

She also had these adorable bows, also made from vintage fabric. She had intended them as package decoration, but they would also look lovely tied around a wrist or a ponytail.
You can see more of Angela's goods here.

Last up for today are these perfect little bags from B's Bags.
They are reusable snack bags and are just genius. Lined with nylon and machine washable, they are great for those times when you need something less bulky than a plastic container, but don;t want to waste another plastic bag.
I plan on outfitting my kids with these.

Here are the fabric choices. Can you guess which one I like?

B was doing so well selling her bags that by the time I got there she didn't have many left. Here are a couple of them.
You can see more here.

She did have a babe strapped to her and "does a lot after bedtime."
You gotta love a momma like that.

And, she came with this beautiful sewing machine.
Industrial art. I love it.

Please come back tomorrow for the rest of my picks from Patchwork Long Beach.
And consider buying handmade, instead of mass produced somewhere across the ocean.
Until tomorrow, Happy Christmas!


Four Flights said...

Lisa Dawson is a friend of mine and we are actually sharing a booth at another craft fair happening tomorrow and Friday. It's at the Belmont Heights Christian Church on Termino in Belmont Heights. Stop by if you can!

Jennifer said...

good pics greta. i loved those b's bags too. bought one. that's all she had left in the pattern i liked. can't wait to obtain a few more. wish i had more $$$ to spend. there was some sweet crafty goodness there for sure.

Michele with 1 L said...

Thanks for the lovely write-up Greta!

Jackie Cook said...

Greta....I loved that you shared this with us and gave us websites to shop. How giving of you in so many ways. Definitely going to check all the sites. Loved your picks. So which fabric would you have chosen?...I have a guess

Greta said...

Jackie, the red and pink is, of course my fave. But I also liked the graphic print on the green one. I guess that is a bit more boyish. Or the brown... they are great, right?

Jackie Cook said...

Greta...I love this. How giving of you to share your day and give us the websites. So which fabric would you have picked...I have a guess

delilah said...

so glad that you enjoyed the event! means a lot to us that you did this write-up.
hope you can go to the next one in Spring.